Venice 2023 | Bella Thorne Shows Off The Copper Waves We All Want On The Red Carpet Of Night 6

Venice 2023, Bella Thorne shows off the copper waves we all want on the red carpet on the sixth night. (On Monday, September 4, 2023) There evening more waiting from Film Festival Venice 2023 Arrived: Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla enters the stage. On the occasion of red carpet we see a “challenge” between natural makeup and dramatic makeup, structured hairstyles and effortlessly cool hairstyles. Cute Thorn this is a wow team, – Kasia Smutnyak relaxed. Other celebrities?Read on Vanity Fair

At the table with Frederick Wiseman: Food series Nonsense. Silence reigns in the kitchen

VENICE “Hysteria and melodrama in the kitchen of the Stupidagini series, silence and stares reign in the kitchen, the reality is far from stereotypes.” At the age of ninety-three he brought with him …

Priscilla and Sofia Coppola: “This is a human story”

Film featured on Venice 2023 The film, directed by Lorenzo Mieli, among others, cuts across the relationship and marriage between Priscilla and Elvis, which the director herself defined as follows: “This film is a story…

David Fincher’s “Killer” didn’t convince Venice. Here because

David Fincher returns to dark thriller with new ‘Killer’ Venice and released on Netflix. …

Venice 2023 fourth evening see report card: Ilari Blasi punished (6), Nina Rima and prosthesis tear (9),

Venice 80, Woody Allen lands on the Lido to present “Coup De Chance” out of competition at the festival.

(Agenzia Vista) Rome, September 04, 2023 Woody Allen arrives in Venice, the director is at a film festival to present his out-of-competition “Coup De Chance”. Images. Source: Vista Agency…

Venice 80, here’s Woody Allen with the actresses of his film “Chance”

(Agenzia Vista) Rome, September 4, 2023 Woody Allen with the actresses of his film “Accidental Coup” (out of competition in Venice) Valerie Lemercier and Lou de Laage. Here are the photos. Source: Vista Agency/…

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