The possibility of a continuation of the cult superhero film Joe Manganiello is discussed by the producers: “Something that we could do in the future”


  • The founders of Legion M are expressing their interest in expanding the universe of the superhero movie The Archenemy by chatting with writer/director Adam Egypt Mortimer, hinting at potential ideas for a sequel.
  • Despite the difficulty of releasing during the COVID pandemic, Archenemy is considered a fun universe with colorful characters that holds hope for future projects such as a comic or graphic novel.
  • Joe Manganiello’s performance in The Nemesis showcases his potential as the title character of the superhero franchise, making the sequel the perfect opportunity to resurrect his involvement in the comic/superhero genre.

As the director previously hinted at ideas for further films, Legion M founders Paul Scanlan and Jeff Ennison are discussing the possibilities of The Nemesis 2. Joe Manganiello has helmed the cast of the 2020 superhero thriller as Max Fist, a man who roams the streets of Los Angeles. He claims to be in another dimension but lost his powers upon arriving on Earth and must find the superhero he once was in order to help a teenage girl and her sister take down the ruthless local crime syndicate boss. Written and directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer, former director of Daniel Not Real, the film received excellent reviews and left room for other chapters.

In an exclusive conversation with Screen Rant about the dark historical comedy Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose, Scanlan and Ennison were asked about the possibilities of a sequel to The Nemesis. The founders of Legion M and the executive producers of the first film confirmed their interest in expanding the universe of Manganiello’s iconic superhero film, recalling conversations with writer/director Adam Egypt Mortimer in which he had ideas related to this universe. . Here’s what the two shared:

Paul Scanlan: We know that Adam has another film, I need to see it. It was a film that we were interested in, but it didn’t fit with our schedule at the time. But we love Adam Egypt Mortimer and would love to work with him again. I think he has a very unique style, just like Adam Segal. There is hardly a director with whom we have worked so far, with whom we would not work again.

We want to be different, it’s very important for our community, as we did with our film Mandy with Nic Cage, and I remember right after that experience we had the opportunity to make another film with Nic Cage, and not because we got tired of loving Nic Cage, but we didn’t want to keep working on another Nic Cage movie because right now we’re still so small we’re going to be labeled “Oh, that Nic Cage company.”

For example, now enough time has passed, we are ready to do another film with Nic Cage, because in this time we have added other things, and I think I could say the same about Adam. I remember the project, and it’s pretty cool, but I don’t know what status it is in now, whether it’s finished or already released.

Jeff Ennison: That’s interesting too, I think if you just look at The Nemesis and if we do a sequel, or a sequel, or something like that – it’s a shame the movie came out when it came out with COVID, this was hard. time but I think it’s a really fun universe and I think it’s a really colorful cast of characters and so I always hope that maybe we can do something in the future even if it’s just a comic or graphic novel. It would be fun to start, maybe expand this universe a bit. So let’s see, maybe cross our fingers. If you hope for something and put it into the universe, I hope it happens.

Paul Scanlan: I think Jeff, in a way, Archenemy could be what Beyond the Black Rainbow was for Mandy, you know, lay the groundwork and get ready for something really exciting. That’s an interesting idea, Grant, we’ll give you that idea when we get back to Adam. I remember talking to Adam and he has other ideas in this universe and we love working with Joe Manganiello. He is great, we still communicate with him and discuss various projects, so I am sure that there will also be interest from his side.

Editor’s Note: This article was written during the 2023 Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes, and the film featured here would not exist without the work of writers and actors from both unions.

Archenemy 2 could make up for DC’s failure with Manganiello

At the time of release, Mortimer hinted that the Archenemy was part of his unofficial “Vortex Trilogy” which began with “Daniel is not real” and had ideas about how the 2019 horror thriller’s eponymous evil entity would meet up with Manganiello to create the real ” space A hybrid of horror and space action. The concept may be familiar to fans of M. Night Shyamalan, whose seemingly disparate “Unbreakable” and “Split” ended up being linked in the final moments of the second film, resulting in the final installment of the “Glass” trilogy that disappointed critics and critics alike. spectators.

Regardless of which direction Mortimer takes for the sequel, the tenacity that Manganiello will show in the 2020 film is further proof of his merit in leading the superhero franchise in one form or another. After starting his acting career as the iconic ruffian Flash Thompson from Spider-Man, Manganiello was destined to make his mark as Deathstroke in the DC Extended Universe, appearing in the end credits of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Marvel’s Justice League. He was originally cast as a villain in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie, but his future in that role has become more uncertain with James Gunn’s DC Universe reboot on the horizon.

Both Manganiello and the actor’s fans were highly disappointed with what could have happened to him as Deathstroke, indicating an interest in seeing more stars in the comic book superhero genre, making The Nemesis 2 the perfect option to renew that opportunity. . With much of his character’s backstory yet to be explored, as well as the possibility of him surviving the sacrificial fall in the first film’s final scene, Manganiello’s huge success with Max Fist would have made a sequel worthy of a few guys.

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