Venice 2023, Isabelle Huppert lights the red carpet of the fourth evening with enduring charm

The curtain opens on the fourth night of the Venice Film Festival and the main red carpet is the movie. Owner directed by Bradley Cooper. However, the Hollywood star is not present at Laguna out of solidarity with fellow actors who have been on strike in Hollywood for weeks now.

But for a sex symbol that’s missing, he’s great. perennial enchants. Let’s talk about fabulous Isabelle Huppert, He is 70 years old and brighter than ever. And not only for put ultra-chic that dazzles the entire lagoon like a silver waterfall. The French actress just shines and in trend.

Venice 2023, Caterina Murino and the wet effect lighting up the first red carpet

The 80th Venice Film Festival has opened its doors and we are ready to catch the trends of the upcoming season through the hair and makeup of the stars. On the first red carpet, a person walks almost smoothly, which is met by wet designer looks, and natural makeup alternates with bold touches. But someone made a wrong move, who?


Wavy bob hair updatedwet effect (now the most visible dinosaur on the red carpet) and the silvery makeup pairs perfectly with the ensemble. Diva is always very careful not to weigh down the skin with foundation, which is applied to certain targeted areas and reveals a very clear initial complexion. Glossy and rosy lips complete the wow effect. In short, a talented hero Elle AND Pianist she knows how to point photographers’ flashes at her.

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And just before that, if wonderful perennials we say how not to mention the hypnotic gait Carla Brown on the red carpet The lion’s share: the history of Mostra? The former top model and premiere lady, who was eagerly awaited in Laguna, clearly looked gorgeous and in very good shape: golden-copper hair, silky and loose curtains with a bunch, natural makeup and lips of a delicate pink shade, like the most beautiful. kingdoms.

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Stefan Cardinale – Corbis/Getty Images

However, compared to previous evenings, we also noticed a more significant presence collected hair, even if the #teamcapellisciolti team is always fed and divided between those who focus on a very strong trend of the season, smooth aplomb with center line (How Francesca Chillemi) and who chooses soft waves (see Francis Sophia Novello). Even among hairstyles oscillates between two antipodes: a very tight chignon or careless, fluffy and messy, like a very modern hairstyle Georgia Soleri (similar to Pam’s hair, which Barbara Palvin did the night before) or red mahogany with lush long bangs from Serena de Ferrari, the villain Marine outlet.

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