Venice 2023: the best sports films of the Venice Film Festival

Venice Ferrari 2023

The 2023 Venice Film Festival will feature a variety of films that (to varying degrees) focus on sports. Starting with the Ferrari of Michael Mann and Adam Driver.

Sweat, passion, competitive spirit. The lives that are in sporty gestureonly in speed and striking oxygen and power valve

Sports cinema is the protagonist of the 2023 Venice Film Festival

Sports have been the focus of some most popular titles Venice Film Festival 2023. From Tatami Zar Amir Ebrahimi and Guy Nattiv (Horizons) Day of struggle, first directed by actor Jack Huston (Horizonti Extra). And naturally Ferrari Michael Mann (Competition).

We are talking about race and from Athletics in a documentary Life is not a competition, but I win Julia Fuhr Mann (Critics Week): The sensitive issue of gender in sport is at the center.

From Daaaaali! Io Capitano: awakening to sports…

sport it was also reflected in various works of completely different themes presented in the sections of the exhibition.

In the crazy, brilliant and surreal YessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssSpanish artist and intellectual, reimagined Quentin Dupieux practiced in skeet. But the cruelest version – now banned almost everywhere – uses real pigeons instead of clay pigeons. In the film, animals are grotesquely thrown into the air using a spring-loaded device. Just like you would normally do with a pigeon shooting disc.

IN I’m the captain From Matteo GarroneSenegalese children who dream of becoming rappers in Europe wear sun-faded T-shirts of some soccer teams. football (Barcelona and Real Madrid). Or me Jersey some teams basketball NBA (Charlotte Hornets, Atlanta Hawks). Sports icons will help you dream wherever you are.

Program of the Venice Festival 2023 September 6 I Captain Matteo Garrone

Venice Film Festival 2023: program for today, September 6. Scene from the play “Io Capitano” by Matteo Garrone (in competition)

Challengers and the tennis that never happened

The film that was supposed to open the exhibition Contenders Luca Guadagnino – unfortunately “missed” due to the actors’ strike and the postponement of the American release – also talks about sports. The main character Tashi (Zendaya) – professional player tennis.

Tennis is also played (as a religious experience?) Aeneas author and jointly with Pietro Castellitto. The eponymous main character plays on the clay in his free time. We will see this in 2024.

Film history teaches us that some sports are definitely more “kinetic” than others. Above all boxing It is no coincidence that here at the exhibition two titles were dedicated to it.

Here are reviews of the best sports films seen at the Lido.

The Noble Art of Hitting Without Getting Hit: Review by The Featherweight

The two boxing titles on display are diametrically opposed.

Feather-weight Robert Kolodny (“Horizons”) narrates in the form mockumentary (artfully recreated fake documentary) true story of a boxer Willie Pep. Born Guglielmo Papaleo, known by his pseudonym. “Will-o’-the-wisp” (bun). The athlete was world featherweight champion for almost eight years in a row, from the late 40s to the 50s. He is played with impressive realism and facial expressions by New York actor James Madio.

Venice 2023


Even though the film was shot as a feature/sports documentary, the heart Feather-weight it really is a sport. This is a portrait between news and historical reconstruction of the life and sporting art of the Italian-American boxer, his talent, his bravado. -You don’t recognize me, Will? asks Pep another boxer he meets in a restaurant. “If you lie on the floor, maybe I’ll recognize you!” The champion answers dryly…

Day of Battle: review of the film dedicated to the return of Michael Pitt and Joe Pesci

Day of struggle (Horizonti Extra), actor Jack Huston’s first film, uses boxing as an excuse/metaphor to talk about a ruined life. In the center of the stage we see a loser in life and a former champion in the ring. Mikey (very good and not very recognizable Michael Pitt) is a former boxer who lost everything. His son died in a car accident, he never boxed again, his wife(Nicolette Robinson) Leave him alone. We are witnessing his attempt to literally get back on his feet.

Gorgeous black and white photography Peter Simonite. Ron Perlman plays Coach Mikey. Joe Pesci he is the father of a boxer, once violent and now suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It will be released soon by Movies Inspired.

Boxing title and theme Day of struggle they are taken from Stanley Kubrick’s famous 1954 short film of the same name.

The seconds are up, the gong is about to ring…

Venice 2023, fight day

Michael Pitt (left) Day of struggle

Other sports: from Ferrari auto racing to political judo on the Tatami.

At the start of the exhibition, the engines of 1950s Ferraris and Maseratis roared past as they roared past in Michael Mann’s film. Ferrari, entered into the Competition, is among the titles that have divided critics (in addition to controversies over cultural appropriation). Of course, Mann’s scenes of his last breath with cars racing through the Millemiglia certainly have enormous expressive power. For the “immersion” into the track, the palpable adrenaline, the feeling of death.

IN Tatami (“Horizons”) tells an amazing story judo. This is the first film in cinema history to be directed by Iranian director Zar Amir Ebrahimi and Israeli Guy Nattiv.

Venice Festival 2023, film program, tatami

During the World Championships, athlete Leila (Arienne Mundy) and her coach (director-actress Ebrahimi) receive a special order from the Islamic Republic. Leila has to feign an injury and lose, contrary to all sports ethics, so as not to meet an Israeli athlete on the tatami…

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