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Matteo Garrone from the Io Capitano team – winner of the Silver Lion – award for Best Director at the Venice Film Festival 2023. The Italian-Belgian film, which will be released in cinemas from 01 to 7 September, is a touching, dramatic and poetic modern odyssey of two young people who, from Dakar in Senegal, decide to meet face to face. the dangers of the sub-Saharan desert, torture in Libya, the dangerous journey on a boat full of migrants to the promised land: Italy. Seydoux and Moussa are the two main characters, aspiring actors.

Seydoux Sarr, 21, Senegalese, debut protagonist of Io Capitano and winner of the Marcello Mastroianni Award. dedicated to a young aspiring actor.

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Poor creatures! (Poor things) Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos And winner of the Golden Lion. The black-and-white film, starring Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo and Willem Dafoe, among others, will be released in cinemas with Disney, and was presented in Venice only by Lanthimos with the striking actors. The film, shot in England, is an adaptation of the 1992 novel of the same name written by Alasdair Gray (Safarà Editore), which focuses on Bella Baxter, a kind of pre-birth feminist Frankenstein.

Peter Sarsgaardmain character Memory of Michel FrancoAnd winner of the Volpi Cup for best male performance. The American actor stars alongside Jessica Chastain in the Mexico-US co-production, which centers on the love of two deeply scarred people who face trauma and dementia together. Memento will be released in theaters alongside Academy 2. Cailee Spaeny, the main character of Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla. she is the winner of the Volpi Cup for best female performance..

Green border (Green Border) author: Agnieszka Holland – winner of the special jury prize. The film, a co-production between Poland, the Czech Republic, France and Belgium, will soon be released in Italian cinemas with Movies Inspired. In black and white, as if it were a documentary, it tells what is happening on the border between Poland and Belarus, where Syrians and African migrants are literally crossing borders and human rights are being violated.

Evil doesn’t exist (Evil Does Not Exist) by Japanese Ryusuke Hamaguchi is the winner of the Silver Lion – Grand Jury Prize.. The acclaimed drama focuses on the need to respect nature and find balance with it through the short story of Takumi and his daughter Hana, who live in the village of Mizubiki near Tokyo, where a group of investors wanted to build a luxury glamping property. The film, directed by the Oscar winner for Drive My Car, will be shown in cinemas in Italy in association with Tucker and Teodora Film.

Micaela Ramazzotti’s happiness wins at Orizzonti Extra: audience award – Armani Beauty

Happinessdirectorial debut of the actress Michaela Ramazzottipresented Additional Horizonsis the winner of the Audience Award – Armani Beauty at the Venice Film Festival 2023. In the film produced by Lotus in collaboration with Rai Cinema, which will be released in cinemas from Thursday 21 September, distributed by 01, Ramazzotti is the protagonist of a family drama with Max Tortora, Anna Galiena, Sergio Rubini and Matteo Olivetti.

Braverman’s “Thank you very much” wins the Venezia Classici. Best Restored Film “Moving” by Somaya

The jury, chaired by Andrea Pallaoro and composed of 24 film students from Italian universities, awarded the Venezia Classici Award for Best Film Documentary to Alex Braverman (USA) “Thank You Very Much” and the Venezia Classici Award for Best Restoration. film “Ohikkoshi” (“Moving”) by Shinji Somaya (Japan, 1993).

Lion of the Future in Love is a Gun: De Laurentiis First Film Award for Taiwanese Film Hong-Chi Lee

Love is a Weapon (Ai Shi Yi Ba Qiang) is the winner of the Lion of the Future – Premio Venezia Opera Prima (Luigi De Laurentiis), awarded at the 2023 Venice Film Festival by a jury chaired by Alice Diop. The film, directed by 33-year-old Taiwanese director and actor Lee Hong-Chi and co-produced by Hong Kong and China’s Chinese Taipei, premiered at Critics’ Week.

Orizzonti Award for Screenplay at El Paraiso in Artal: recognition of the Italian author and director

Enrico Maria Artale is the winner of the Horizonti Award for Best Film Screenplay. El Paraiso directed himself. Produced by Ascent Film, Young Film and Rai Cinema, the story of a tense mother-son relationship will hit the theaters soon with ‘Interesting’. The main characters are Edoardo Pesce and Colombian Margarita Rosa De Francisco.

Tergel Bold-Erdene is the best actor in “Horizonti”: the Mongolian translator won in “Wind City”

Mongolian actor Tergel Bold-Erdene is the winner of the Orizzonti Award for Best Actor. Recognition for the film “City of the Wind” (Ser Ser Salhi) by Mongolian director Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir (co-production of France, Mongolia, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Qatar).

Margarita De Francisco best actress at the Orizzonti festival: Colombian awarded for El Paraiso by Artale

Colombian actress Margarita Rosa De Francisco is the winner of the Orizzonti Award for Best Actress. Recognition of the film “El Paraiso” by the Italian Enrico Maria Artale with Edoardo Pesce.

Special jury prize of the festival “Endless Sunday” at the Orizzonti festival: recognition of the film by Alain Parroni

The painting “Extermination Sunday” by Alain Parroni won a special prize from the Orizzonti jury. The film (a co-production of Fandango, Alcor, Art me Pictures, Wim Wenders’ Road Movies and Rai Cinema) is a YA story, an unconventional coming-of-age romance set between Rome and the coast. “Endless Sunday” will be released in theaters on September 14 along with “Fandango.”

Swede Mika Gustafson was recognized as the best director of the Orizzonti competition for the film “Paradise is Burning”

Swede Mika Gustafson is the winner of the Orizzonti Award for Best Director at the Venice Film Festival 2023. She directed Paradiset brinner (Paradise is Burning), a Swedish, Italian (Intramovies), Denmark and Finland co-production that tells the story. about the closest relationships between three young sisters, a declaration of love and sisterhood.

At Orizzonti, the best film is “An Explanation of Everything”, the film by the Hungarian Gabor Reis wins.

Magyarazat Mindenre (Explaining Everything) by Hungarian director Gábor Reisz is the best film in the Orizzonti competition at the 2023 Venice Film Festival.

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