Venice 80, the Kineo Prize honors Pasolini

By the 80th issue Venice International Film Festival Kineo Award enter it third decadewith godmother from Central America: actress Ana de la Reguera (pictured) in Venice with an award-winning Mexican director. Michael Francowho presents the film in the competition MemoryWith Jessica Chastain AND Peter Sarsgaard. Among the most famous Mexican actresses, torn between their country and Hollywood, Ana de la Reguera sees among her international successes Pueblo Chico, Hell Grande, Benjamin Cann. In Hollywood, he has worked with directors such as Jared Hess AND Carlos Carrera and actors like Jack Black, Harrison Ford AND Bruce Willis.

In addition to the prize for the youngest Sara Chokka for category young revelations, Here Human Rights Award To Claire TilesiItalian director and producer, currently based in Los Angeles, working in the field social change through art, media and filmappointed Kinéo and Global Human Rights Campus. Founder We do it together (Wdit), a non-profit film company dedicated to the empowerment of women and minorities, in 2018 Tilesi also created Frequency productionconcentrate on producing media that has a positive impact on society. For your last film Say it like a womanconsisting of seven segments directed seven female directorshad 2023 Oscar nomination for Best Original Song.

Recognition, very close to the recognition of human rights, is Solidarity Awardappointed Martha Miniukki For documentary about the work of the Italian NGO Cefa (European Committee for Education and Agriculture) in order to implement projects that sustainably help the local population, especially in agriculture, water management, the environment and the social sphere. Today Cefa operates in 11 countries in Africa and Central/South America. with agricultural development projects.

Concerning First worksbetween dramatic works and comedies, two titles were chosen: Very quiet From Nicholas Prosatore With Antonia Truppo (translator and screenwriter), producer Eskimo Dario Formisano, e Cheese with pears From Luca Calvini, a light-hearted family-friendly comedy filmed in the splendor of the Tuscan countryside. The Prosator is the gritty and dramatic story of some people forced to leave their suburban homes to make way for a new overpass that will destroy their little world forever. However, the second is a brilliant comedy that tells the story of Fosco (Francis Champi) and Fred (Luca Calvini), two opposite brothers: the first, simple and free, working in a supermarket, the other handsome and charming, but superficial, trying to make a fortune in American cinema. At the end of many clashes, faced with inheritance, they will be able to find a good coexistence.

Kinéo then celebrates the centenary of the birth of the poet who changed Italian cinema (and beyond) by awarding the producer Dear Morena for making a documentary Pier Paolo Pasolini – New Visiondirector Giancarlo Scarcillisuccessful in collaboration with Luce Cinecittà, Rai Cinema and Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.

The historic companion event of the Venice International Film Festival is sponsored by Dgca del Mic and it will take place Saturday, September 2, in the splendid setting of the Cà Sagredo Hotel..

lead award ceremony actor Fabio Fulcochosen by Franco Zeffirelli for Tea with Mussolini and the star of successful series such as three roses of Eve, Judge Mastrangelo, Sailors, Artemisia Sanchez and Mina Settembre.

The traditional support of the Veneto Film Commission continues. press conferenceconduct Friday, September 1 at the Commission for Space and Cinematography of the Veneto Region. at the Excelsior Hotel on the Venetian Lido.

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