Crocheted dress of Samira on vacation in Ischia dictates fashion: the goddess in white

Samira posted some snaps of her vacation in Ischia, showing off her amazing body and dream cover.

Crochet pattern posted on Instagram, one of the best this season of course, exalted by its stately beauty, but capable of giving the correct form to any physicality.

Model to copy this confirms the trend of this summer but it can be used with great elegance not only for going to the beach, but also as a very sensual little dress that plays with a peeping effect.

Samira on vacation in Ischia shows a stunning figure

Samira Louis, born in 1998, is a model and already a well-known personality in the entertainment world. She has participated in many beauty pageants, she completed her degree in cinema and became Miss Friuli Venezia Giulia in 2017. She began working as a hostess, then became known for her role as a professor in the Rai 1 legacy program with Flavio Insinna.

Samira Lui, all stages of her career – photo: Instagram –

In 2022 began cooperation with Such and what show with Carlo Conti and she was much appreciated not only for her beauty, but also for her obvious sympathy. In particular, his imitations of Jennifer Lopez are known. Samira Louie is six feet tall and, of course, in incredible shape. her beauty does not go unnoticed and that is what allowed her to enter the world of competition as a model. However, over time, he was able to earn another place, also thanks to a career that began in different fields.

For holidays 2023 have chosen the island of Ischia as their destination where he showed all his elegance and many ideas that can be copied not only as a cover, but also as a swimsuit. However, among all, the particular model that attracted a lot of attention was that it embodied the trend of the moment, which was worn by many famous people such as Barbara D’Urso with excellent results.

Samira Louie’s dreamy crochet dress

Crocheted beach dress turned out to be things that should be for the summer season, sexy, beautiful, you can show off not only during the day, but also in the evening. A model that should always be in the wardrobe. Pair with a pair of poolside cocktail sandals, or even go smarter with jewels and high heels. So it all depends on what the main idea is: whether to use it as a cover or opt for a more elegant look.

Samira and the summer trend/photo from Instagram @samiraluiofficial (

a lot of tone boho chic which is fresh, but at the same time special. Unlike the classic caftan, this one is definitely more versatile. There are so many colors, from yellow to orange, but the favorite fantasy of stars like Samira is definitely white, because it goes with everything and, above all, because it is the easiest to organize even with bright costumes.

The cover Samira chose is perfect. not only because it reflects the trend of the moment, but also because of the details with which it was made. In addition to a beautiful neckline and lace behind the neckline, the model is screwed on the sides, has a single stitch around the entire perimeter, falling like a skirt, which then opens up with slightly long threads. Pocahontas comes to the ankle. All this in combination with a tone-on-tone handbag. in raffia. The result is amazing, it is by far the most beautiful model because it really looks like a real dress, so it can be styled in many ways.

Crochet cape: summer trend

This type of cover-up was widely popular, in fact, it appeared as early as the summer of 2022. Worthy and very beloved, instead this year was a real boom, of course, thanks to the tendency of stars to wear it in a variety of variations.

Crocheted dress is the most beautiful summer (

It works because it is special, elaborate, different from the classic, although less light and practical. It is certainly very attractive, but not so easy, so you should pay close attention to the model you choose. The crochet model works, but not if it gets wet, in which case it risks becoming very heavy. and therefore difficult to manage and carry (this is the only small detail to pay attention to).

This cover-up dress is suitable for any figure, the choice of models is so large that they are well suited for more curvaceous forms. There are sexier ones or lower ones highly detailed and less opaque models, therefore suitable exclusively for the beach and those that are actually sold as a dress and are therefore certainly more versatile.

Among them are those Luisaviaroma which are impressive and cost 30 euros so don’t miss them. Amazon also has a huge collection of under $30 crochet patterns like The Drop. A model very similar to the one worn by Samira belongs to Anna Kosturova, but its price exceeds 200 euros. However, Zalando and Asos have plenty of this type of dresses at affordable prices, which are perfect not only for the beach, but also for some social events.

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