Venice 80, what are the most anticipated films? 15 games not to be missed

There 80th Venice International Film Festival is getting closer and more titles are coming to the Lido. While a writers’ and actors’ strike may have compromised the face of the event, there will be no shortage of big international names.

One promises to be Venice unpredictable for her 80th edition – a round figure, on the other hand – International Film Festival. A Venice which has already begun to take us by surprise, given the strikes announced Toilet extension AND SAG-AFTRA (respectively, the unions of screenwriters and writers and actors), which have been raging in the US for months and inevitably have consequences on a global scale.

Venice 80 films
Venice 80’s Most Anticipated Titles – VelvetMag

He knows it well Alberto Barbera which, on the occasion of the press conference on the presentation Venice 80however, reassured:In fact, the only movie we were looking forward to was the opening movie, the beautiful Challengers by Luca Guadagnino.. (…) All other American films are confirmed and will arrive at the Venice Film Festival.“.

But Venice it is also a magic that becomes one with cinema. And it is the Lido that is the place that sanctioning this evocative partnership between the enchantment and the allure of the audiovisual: to celebrate this we have chosen 15 titles among the most anticipated coming from different sections of the event.

Venice 80competition films not to be missed: announced titles

Before the presentation, a press conference was held, I captain From Matthew Garrone was mentioned as one of the suitable titles. Indeed, Alberto Barbera did not deceive expectations. Four years later Pinocchiothe Roman director is back with his new film and is one of the six Italian titles in the competition Venice 80. An Italian-Belgian co-production feature film chronicles a long journey Sedu AND Mousse, two boys from Senegal bound for Europe. Their path will become an odyssey in the modern world, on a path full of traps and dangers.

Directly from the USA, despite the strikes of actors and screenwriters, will also come to the preview Priscilla From Sofia Coppola. The film came out a year later.Elvis From Baz Luhrmann and return to trouble the legend of Rock’n’roll (plays here Jacob Elordi). In the film, the artist Suspicious Thoughts becomes a fringe to make his ex-wife shine: Priscilla Presley (plays here Caylee Spaeny).

Venice 80 Poor fellows!
Emma Stone in Poor Creatures! arrival in Venice 80 – VelvetMag

Yorgos Lanthimos and Bradley Cooper return to Venice Film Festival

In competition Venice 80 will also come Poor creatures! (Poor things) Yorgos Lanthimos. The dreamy world of a Greek director takes shape thanks to his muse, Emma Stonelike Bella Baxter, a woman brought back to life by a doctor. Godwin BaxterWillem Dafoe), who gradually gains full self-awareness, also thanks to the escape she decides to take with the unscrupulous Duncan Wedderburn (Mark Ruffalo). Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein meets German Expressionist visuals in a film that is about to become one of the most anticipated films at the Venice Film Festival.

After A star is bornBradley Cooper is back again with a movie he directed and directed: Owner. This is a biopic dedicated to the figure Leonard Bernstein, among the greatest composers and conductors. The film will also explore the relationship between Bernstein and his wife, Felica Montealgre.Carey Mulligan). Special attention also to the rest of the cast, consisting of Maya Hawk, Matt Bomer AND Jeremy Strong.

Other upcoming Golden Lion titles

ferrari Michael Mann among other titles participating in the competition that have reached Venice 80. Film to be seen Adam Driver — to date, the overseas Favino in the productions of our local matrix — in the role Enzo Ferrarifocus on dark period lived an entrepreneur. In addition to the professional crisis, in fact, in the 1950s, the founder of the automaker Maranello experienced a serious crisis with his wife Laura (Penelope Cruzin the film), exacerbated by the death of Dino’s son.

He hasn’t been to the Lido for a long time, but now, David Fincherit’s time to come back with Murderer. As the title suggests, the story will revolve around a cold-blooded and lone killer played by Michael Fassbender. To make this title memorable, the screenplay by Andrew Kevin Walker is also used – the same one used in the sensational film. Seven – and participation Tilda Swinton.

Venice 80 Ferrari
Spanish actress Penélope Cruz with director Michael Mann from behind during the filming of the film “Ferrari” directed by Michael Mann in Modena, Italy, August 24, 2022. ANSA/ELISABETTA BARACCHI arrives in Venice 80 – VelvetMag

The return of Pablo Larren and Bertrand Bonello

He will also arrive at the Lido. El Conde Pablo Larrain, who returned after a semi-biographical Spencer with the amazing Kristen Stewart Venice 78. Even with the latest, the Chilean director takes a similar approach, stepping on his hand even more and shifting register. Indeed, Larrain reinvents Augusto Pinochet like a vampire, in something like a black comedy with unexpected twists.

La beteBertrand Bonello, is among the upcoming films Venice 80 who are preparing to present some surprises. Interpreted Lea Seydoux AND George Mackay – last succeeded the late Gaspard Ulliel – loosely based on history. Beast in the jungle Herney James. The film is characterized by a dystopian tone and begins with an interesting starting point: in the near future, emotions are illegal, and so Gabriel decides to cleanse his DNA in order to erase his strong feelings and past.

Out-of-competition titles will be restored Venice 80

Kane Mutiny Court Martial would return William Friedkins in the Lido after 12 years of underestimation Killer Joebut the owner New Hollywood he died a few days ago. The film, starring Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Clarke, Jake Lacey, Monica Raymund and Lance Reddick, is based on the 1952 novel of the same name by Herman Wouk. Kane’s rebellionand is a remake of the famous 1954 film adaptation. Just for returning after a long absence from the stage – especially now that it will be released posthumously – the film is one of the most anticipated Venice 80.

Agro Dr1ft Harmony Korine. The director and screenwriter have no half measures: either you love or you hate. So it was with spring Breakerspresented at the Lido competition in 2012, and the same could happen with this new project. Produced A24described as “surreal and psychedelic journey, a work of art that could be placed in the pavilion of the Biennale of Artsand sees Travis Scott making his film debut.

Speaking of the people in question, Venice 80 will also mark the return of Roman Polanski as director. Castle. Starring Oliver Masucci, Fanny Ardant, Luca Barbareschi, Fortunato Cerlino and Mickey Rourke, among others, the film takes place on the night of December 31, 1999, New Year’s Eve 2000, at the opulent Palace Hotel. Wealthy guests prepare to head into the structure to welcome the new millennium, but the degradation that comes to party will be increasingly unpredictable.

Other games out of competition

TO Venice 80 Woody Allen will also find a place in the highly anticipated film. Coupe de chance. The American director and screenwriter abandoned the neuroses of “his” Manhattan and moved to the center of Paris with his first film in French. The film tells the story of Fanny and Jean, a perfect couple who live in a large apartment and have an established career, but are overwhelmed by an unexpected event. In fact, Fanny will accidentally meet Alain, a former classmate, and will be amazed.

Venice 80 Coupe de Chance
Woody Allen’s Coup de Chance arrives in Venice for the 80s (ANSA) – VelvetMag

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar will bring Wes Anderson back to the Lido. Despite being 37 minutes long, it will feature all the stylistic features dear to the American author. In addition, it boasts a cast formed by Ralph Fiennes, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dev Patel, Ben Kingsley and Richard Ayoade.

Additional Horizons

Fight Day marks a promising directorial debut Jack Huston, who also wrote and produced it. The film takes us to the world of boxing, whose union with the seventh art has already produced excellent results, such as wild bull Martin Scorsese e Fighter David O. Russell – thanks to an all-star cast led by Michael Pittwhich will also include Ron PerlmanJohn Magar Joe Pesci.

Another directorial debut, this time entirely local, in the Orizzonti Extra section. Venice 80: We are talking about Happiness Michaela Ramazzotti, who will try herself in the dual role of director and actress. In addition to her, the film also boasts the presence Max Tortora, Anna Galiena, Matteo Olivetti AND Sergio Rubini.

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