Venice Film Festival at the start

Vera, big Americans could “leave” the Lido because of the protest of the unions. But the Venice Film Festival, which kicks off August 30, still promises sparkle and glamour. Our guide to the most anticipated films and stars

The sky above Venice is blazing with stars, but not all of them will descend on the red carpet of Venice. 80th Venice Film Festival from August 30 to September 9.. The American actors, who appear in 21 Golden Lion films and 13 out-of-competition films, not to mention other sections, have been on strike against the studio for several months, and, as we write, there is still no agreement.

Actors strike: no film festival?

Does this mean that Emma Stone, Adam Driver and Jessica Chastain will only see each other at the Biennale on the big screen? And what about stars like Bradley Cooper, director and star Owneror Benedict Cumberbatch, English but adopted from Hollywood?

Benedict Cumberbatch

To think that the path to the Oscars begins every year at the Venice Film Festival, and if the value of each film wins prizes, then media launches also play a part. This is well known to the President of the Venice Jury, who represented him in Laguna in 2016. La La Land and thanks to the Volpi Cup to actress Emma Stone, he then flew off to win 6 Oscars. And the producers know it. Applicantsfilm by Luca Guadagnino with Zendaya, who, using the superstar publicity effect, withdrew the film from the festival and postponed its theatrical release.

Team of Italian actors

To the delight of fans and cinephiles, the best Italian cinema is instead ready for the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival. Starting with actor Pierfrancesco Favino, who in the first film Commander Edoardo De Angelis plays a World War II heroic figure while in Slowly Stefano Sollima talks about the tension of twilight Rome with Toni Servillo and Valerio Mastandrea.

Critics are also curious about the work of Matteo Garrone. I am the captainwhich features African migrants with no known faces and the work of Liliana Cavani who, at 90 and 21 years old since her last directorship, receives the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement and presents a film with an apocalyptic tinge out of competition that arrives at that Same time at the cinema on August 31st. Order of timeIn a film starring Alessandro Gassman, Claudia Gerini and Edoardo Leo, based on the best-selling book of the same name by physicist Carlo Rovelli, a group of friends come together on the eve of a catastrophic event that is destined to change their lives: Don’t look up Italian?

Peter Castellitto

Author’s delight at the film festival

Those who love intrigue will surely wait. Murderer David Fincher (remember Seven, Zodiac, False love?) with the killer Michael Fassbender, whom the director himself defines as “cruel and bloody in a world that has lost its moral guidelines.” Or dog man Luc Besson, starring as an outcast seeking revenge, with the formidable and disturbing face of Caleb Landry Jones, who has already been seen in Three billboards in Ebbing, Missouri..

Biographical trend

Music history buffs will be in awe of the new works of Sofia Coppola and Bradley Cooper. The first to win the Golden Lion in 2010 with Somewherehe drew his Priscilla from autobiography Elvis and me – My life with a legend Priscilla Presley (Sperling & Kupfer) and invited as translators 25-year-old gaining popularity Kaylie Spaeny, seen in Pacific Kim: Uprisingand obscure 26-year-old Jacob Elordi as a rocker. Second, 5 years after the Lido crowds with Lady Gaga on A star is bornOscar winner for best song, directing and performing Owner, the story of composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein (played by Cooper himself) and his love for his wife Felicia (Carey Mulligan). Will they live up to expectations? Even Adam Driver has his own biopic and goes for an encore as the famous Italian: after Maurizio Gucci House of Gucci directed by Ridley Scott, as Enzo Ferrari ferrari the work of Michael Mann, a portrait of the legendary founder of the Formula 1 team. The film tells about his two lovers: his wife Laura Penelope Cruz and young lover Shailene Woodley.

Science Fiction Actresses at the Venice Film Festival

Léa Seydoux and Emma Stone challenge each other with sci-fi kicks instead. French woman deprives herself of all senses in a dystopia La Beth Bertrand Bonello, set in a world where emotions have become a threat and artificial intelligence removes them from DNA. More irreverent American in Poor creatures! Yorgos Lanthimos, set at the end of the 19th century: she plays Bella, a girl resurrected by an English doctor (Willem Dafoe), from whom, however, she runs away to enjoy life, which she could not do as a woman, in that era, in which she lived. If the fans of Lea, the 38-year-old Frenchman who joined Craig-Bond in No time to diehoping to see her shy smile on the red carpet of the Lido, the 34-year-old American star is in danger of being disappointed by the strike: especially since the Oscar-winning actress La La Landshe rarely appears, as she became the mother of Louise, born 2 years ago from her marriage to director and comedian Dave McCarey.

Look who’s dating again

Michaela Ramazzotti

If Michaela Ramazzotti, who made her Lido debut in 2006 with Don’t make any plans tonightdebuts as a director with Happiness“The story of a wicked family that devours all hope for the freedom of their children”, in section horizons and in theaters from September 21 Jessica Chastain, after the presentation of the series 2 years ago Scenes from the weddingtoday is the main character Memory Michel Franco is about a couple trying to protect their love from the injury of one of them. If Pietro Castellitto after the cult going crazyactor and director Aeneasnarrates the problems of two young Romans and guides his father Sergio, Benedict Cumberbatch, who has long been popular among the sagas of Avengers and from Doctor Strangereturns to mere mortals as the protagonist wonderful story Henry Sugar, short by Wes Anderson based on a story by Roald Dahl. And director Saverio Costanzo also returned, the same Shiny friendWith Finally dawnin which the dreams of a young extra intertwine with the worries of a famous actress of the 50s and combine Italian faces (Alba Rohrwacher) with world stars (Lily James).

women talk

Less media, but no less important stories with historical and social background. Women spoke about two. Source Ava DuVernay, director Selma – Road to Freedomexplores the origins of racism by comparing the power of whites over blacks to the caste system in India and Nazi society in Germany. green border instead, he talks about the humanitarian crisis of migrants who have been forced by Belarus President Lukashenko to the Polish border: signed by Agnieszka Holland.

Return of Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke, in his love and hate for Hollywood, is celebrating his 70th birthday on September 16 at a New Year’s Eve party featured in Roman Polanski’s new, very black comedy. Castle, out of competition in Venice and in theaters on 28 September. The actor is among the wealthy and eccentric heroes ready to move from 1999 to 2000, between the excesses of the end of the century and the threats of the new millennium. There is little or nothing left of the sex symbol he was in the 80s and dreamed of by boomers. 9 1/2 weeks with Kim Basinger. Subsequently, Rourke pumped up his fists and became a boxer again. Wrestler Darren Aronofsky and even made a deal with silicone. Exactly 40 years ago in a cult Grow Wild Francis Ford Coppola squealed in the suburbs with Matt Dillon, and to those who asked him how he survived, he replied: “Even in the most primitive societies there is a certain respect for the insane.” Like original cinema.

big old

Creativity does not age, and some directors continue to travel to festivals. Woody Allen, 87, and Roman Polanski, 89, will bring new films and old controversies to the Biennale, resurrected by MeToo. Allen presents his first romantic thriller filmed in France and in French: Coupe de Chance, with Lou de Laage and Valerie Lemercier. The film revolves around his most treasured themes: love, passion and luck, while he, even if he is cleared of charges of molesting his daughter Dylan, is still singled out in the US for it. Polanski, who continues to live in Switzerland due to a 1977 U.S. sexual assault conviction, is leading Castle, a sarcastic account of a New Year’s Eve party in theaters on September 28th. William Friedkin, director exorcistinstead died on August 7, shortly before he turned 88 and saw his cinematic testament, Kane Mutiny Court Martial with Kiefer Sutherland, world premiere in Venice.

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