“I learned about Piqué’s betrayal from the newspapers while my father was in intensive care” | Vanity Fair Italy

A year has passed since the stormy parting between Shakira AND Gerard Piqué. The former football player has now broken up with his former lover, and now his official girlfriend. Clara Chia Marty. The singer, who is rumored to be dating Lewis Hamilton, does not stop talking about the man with whom she lived ten years of love and from whom she had two children, very young. Sasha and Milan. The latest revelations about the painful period leading up to the breakup came in an interview the Colombian artist gave to a Spanish publication. People: “I learned from the press that I was cheated on while my father William was ill and in intensive care.. I thought I wouldn’t survive. My father, the man I loved the most in my life, left me. when I needed it the most: I couldn’t talk to him, I couldn’t get advice from my best friend.”

Shakira revealed that her father and mother came to Barcelona to console her “when I was overwhelmed by sadness at my parting“. While they were there, “dad was seriously injured in an accident. My father was the greatest example of resilience. And my mom was by his side day and night“. The pop star, referring to the dream of a broken love after saying goodbye to Piqué, then added: “My parents were a reflection of a dream that I could not realize, but which I hope will become a model for my children. love, patience in relationships, absolute dedication and a huge will to live.”

The Colombian artist also spoke about the various stages of his departure from the former footballer: “I cross denial, anger, grief, acceptance, mourning, hope, disappointment, still hope and illusion. So many emotions, feelings that, it seemed to me, could not coexist in me and which, in order to understand myself a little better, I could reveal only through songs. For example, through the famous revenge song. Music Sessions Volume 53, full of stinging phrases that went around the world. Like the famousYou traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, you traded a Rolex for a Casio.“.

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