Venice Film Festival, Film Report Cards

Grand finale of the 80th Venice Film Festival.. The 2023 Lions Ceremony will be broadcast live today on Rai Movie (6:45 pm). The favorites to win, according to the decision of the jury chaired by 38-year-old American director Damien Chazelle, are Yorgos Lanthimos (a film of intelligence and humor about a liberated woman) and Agnieszka Holland (denunciation). Hamaguchi surprise. Film Report Card.

Nikolay Arcel



18th century. An unsuccessful attempt to establish a colony on an uninhabited moorland in the heart of Jutland. A cruel ruler is not suitable. Mikkelsen isn’t saved by the tawdry drama.

Luc Besson


A friend is a loser, semi-paraplegic, a transvestite on Fridays, living with trained dogs. Besson, the old fox, tells a story that would be funny in the wrong hands.

Bertrand Bonello


“La Bet”

Love makes you live, but fear makes you human. A baroque, alienating sentimental drama: based on James, a dazzling, multi-layered story. An ambitious film that hits the mark.

Stefan Brize



The frustrated actor takes refuge in a spa in Atlantic and meets an old flame there. A very subtle anime comparison, with exact dialogue. Brize shocks the viewer.

Peter Castellitto


A scion of the Roman bourgeoisie with a will to power and no ethics, Aeneas embodies the supreme irreverent life force of the eternal city. Castellitto Jr. moves through intuition, fights, restores the power of sarcasm.

Bradley Cooper


A brilliant, ambitious, successful portrait of conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein. Creative genius and familial intimacy are explored with great precision. Compelling work as a translator and author.

Sofia Coppola



Priscilla and Elvis. A young student trapped in Graceland knows how to stand up for the rights of women and wives. The king of childish and paranoid rock inserted

shadow. Correct reconstruction.

Xavier Costanzo


“Finally Dawn”

A sixteen-year-old outspoken girl becomes trapped in the magical world of Cinecittà and is drawn into a nighttime odyssey full of dangers. Nightmares die at dawn. After the Montesi affair, before Dolce Vita

Edoardo De Angelis


The case of a submarine commander who rescued survivors from a newly sunken merchant ship in 1940. Yesterday’s episode, warning for today. Non-rhetorical.

George Wrights



Switzerland ’39. An epic about the nomad Lubo in search of the children unjustly taken from him. Deserter, murderer, serial seducer, thief, but indomitable in his goal. 181 minutes? So many.

Ava DuVernay



Collective violence in the world between racism and social oppression. Ten Years of the Life and Study of Isabel Wilkerson (1st African American Pulitzer) in Images. A strict cinema of ideas.

David Fincher


The ascetic killer and philosopher misses the mark. Anticipating customer wrath is the only guarantee of survival. Indispensable, even if Fincher’s penalty becomes a death knell from the cold.

Michelle Franco


“Memory size”

Two former school friends, hurt by life in different ways, meet in the name of pain. The doors of the past are open again. Chastain and Sarsgaard revive déjà vu.

Matteo Garrone


“I am the captain”

I dream about Europe because I am thirsty for adventure. Two sixteen-year-old Senegalese leave home and join the most desperate: pain and violence await them. Garrone discovers the charm of Africa.

Ryusuke Hamaguchi


“Evil does not exist”

An eco-parable about environmental exposure, a powerful and mysterious drama that contains a disturbing reflection on the relationship between man and nature. Unattainable cinematic heights.

Agnieszka Holland


“Zielona granica” (Green border)

The difficult survival of Syrian Afghan refugees on the border of Poland and Belarus. Great emotional intensity. It is difficult to shake the European (and Polish) consciousness, but she is trying.

Timm Kroeger


“Allem’s Theory”

A bombastic, stylish exercise with expressionist atmosphere and Hitchcockian suspense. At the height of the Cold War, a physicist discovers mysterious gorges in the Alps. Well-mannered and happy.

Yorgos Lanthimos


“Poor things” (Poor things!)

Beautiful, reborn thanks to the Victorian anatomist, discovering herself and the world. Women’s training between philosophy and humor. A hilarious Emma Stone rewards Lanthimos for his courage.

Pablo Larrain


“El Conde”

Pinochet is a vampire. It feeds on frozen hearts waiting to be reincarnated and flown to where it can be suppressed. A cheerful, creepy divertissement that serves as an allegorical warning.

Michael Mann



The pony king is the way Hollywood likes it: selfish, cynical, a winner. Mann only needs his left hand to talk about the Mille Miglia. Adam Driver is perfect: damn if he’s not Italian.

Stefano Sollima



Rome outside the walls: dirty, cruel, infernal. Against the backdrop of great disgrace, the fate of the few survivors in Malyan occurs. Sollima was too pleased; he was pardoned by Favino and Servillo.

M. Szumowska and M. Englert


“Kobieta Z…” (Woman)

A good husband and a great father, Adam feels uncomfortable in his body, which does not reflect his personality. The situation of trans in a provincial town in communist and then capitalist Poland. Ready.

Phryn Troch



A silent fifteen-year-old girl, kept at a distance by her classmates, predicts a school fire that will kill ten people. Witch? The next day he consoles the suffering. Saint? The only main character of a flat film from


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