Vicky Martín Berrocal says goodbye to Mallorca where he wears swimsuits and proudly shows off his cellulite

Vicky Martin Bellocal He’s at his best, there’s no doubt about it. At 50 years old, his talents are overwhelming and the pictures he continues to leave us with in his pictures are proof of that. holiday in ibizanow in MallorcaAs well as his daughter Alba Diaz (obviously his best photographer), and his sister and mother.It’s been a summer outside of our comfort zone and the Andalusian designer has surprised us with her photos, from her long hair, her first pose in shorts and now from behind in a bathing suit too posewithout worrying about developing the cellulite that all women have, which she is now very proud of on her 50th birthday. Now, before leaving her Mallorcan paradise, Vicky Martín Berrocal wanted to say goodbye to one of her friends in this swimsuit pose. My favorite bathroom company every summer is you. “We’re not perfect, but who says we have to be?” Vicki says proudly, showing off her cellulite.

However, everything is indispensable Summer suitcases are swimsuits like the one inside Vicky Martin Bellocal, Either this year’s green, or last summer’s black. This is a basic. Its models are classic yet richly detailed. What’s most original about the design (Casiopée model from swimwear company Eres) is that the cups are separated at the neckline by a metal “U” that creates an original pleat. Thanks to this detail of the chest, The Cassiopée green swimsuit enhances the bust and keeps everything in place thanks to the non-slip straps. Best of all we found out it was on sale.

Cassiopée bandeau swimsuit from Eres (reduced to €294)

Bandeau swimsuit.
Bandeau swimsuit.yes

A swimsuit that enhances the figure of any woman, nothing could be more elegant than a day at the beach at the foot of the hotel Vicky Martin Berrocal.

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