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The key word is social, not in the sense of a network, but rather in the sense of a network. social centervisiting the two offices currently open in Italy, in Florence and Bologna, is the essence of connection, bringing people together, and for this it is clear from the thousands of actions that can be performed, you need great ideas and, above all, you must be open to everyone offers that the territory brings.

In numbers, the experience of The Social Hub consists of 16 structures in Europe, of which there will be 23 by 2025, three of them will be in Italy: the second in Florence, the first has been in existence for 11 years, Rome and Turin. . 96,072 guests in 2022, 800 employees from 84 nationalities, 11,000 rooms across Europe. Approximately 1,500 events are held at The Social Hub facilities each year.

However, the numbers do not give an idea of ​​​​this union of students, tourists and employees, adapted to the reality in which it finds itself. On the way from Bologna to Florence, there are two different realities, despite the common thread of furniture chosen according to sustainability standards. and in the choice of placing together rooms with the same characteristics for students who can stay up to a year and travelers who can stay even for one night, common spaces with cities and workplaces and offices designed for coworking.

How different are they? The fact that they are inside different realities, mirrors of different cities. TO Florence rooftop pool (one of the 10 most beautiful rooftops in the city with breathtaking views of the Renaissance), Bologna just outside the entrance, opposite but equal. The Bologna office, the former structure of Telecom, is a stone’s throw from the station in the renascent Bologna district, Florentine, in a building called del Sonno, historically owned by the railway near Fortezza da Basso. Florence has a strong relationship with Arcigay and the LGBTQIA+ community, and this year the Ballroom was hosted in Pride Month, a dance competition for groups born in the 1970s in the US, as an ID for the LGBTQ+ world. In Bologna, we met Roberto Morgantini’s Popular Cuisines. Florence has a vegetarian restaurant, Bolognese bread, pasta and sweets from Forno Brisa, who also has corporate offices in a co-working space.

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