VIDEO: They capture Luis Miguel’s ‘stand-in’ in the front row of a concert | News from Mexico

long awaited tour Luis Miguel This not only caused jubilation among his followers, but also sparked a heated debate on social networks.

In addition to being excited to return to the stage after so many years, dispute The possibilities surrounding the iconic singer are resorting to doubles in their concertsthe rumors grew stronger when a suspicious figure appeared on one of his shows.

The veracity of the allegations became even less clear after Luis Miguel performed his first concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His presence has rejuvenated his body visibly and he has lost significant weight. According to media reports, theories circulated without any confirmation that it was not the real “Mexican Sun” who dazzled the public at the Movista Arena, but a double who appeared in his place. brand.

“Double” performed by Luis Miguel at one of his concerts

When users use Tik Tok shared a video capturing the alleged At one of his concerts, the crowd had a “Luis Miguel stand-in”. The man, who looks exactly like the entertainer, is wearing a black suit, unique hairstyle and even pose, sparking yet another controversy.

Although the debate rages on, the most ardent followers reject the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir idol resorting to such subterfuge, arguing that the voices and gestures on stage are consistent with the original Luis Miguel, regardless of his appearance.

Another thing fans are worried about is the singer’s health, as it was recently revealed that “El Sol” had to make multiple trips to the hospital during his tour in Chile, in addition to receiving treatment to deal with the diagnosis. bronchitis.

Despite these problems, the expectations of Mexican fans have not waned, and they are eagerly awaiting the first shows of the Mexican tour scheduled for November and December.

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