Vittoria Ceretti would leave her husband for Leonardo DiCaprio

Vittori Ceretti AND Leonardo DiCaprio To Ibiza they made their relationship official by kissing at a famous VIP club on the island.

Although since then DiCaprio AND Ceretti They were no longer seen together (he appeared alone in the stands at the US Open while she was attending New York Fashion Week), it is more than clear that these two continue to meet, trying to avoid the flashes of photographers, today more than ever I didn’t want to know how this unexpected flirtation between the Italian top model and the actor would continue Titanic.

Although at the moment there are no comments from direct participants, the news is around Vittoria Ceretti AND Leonardo continue by telling us more details about their relationship, born out of love at first sight, which would lead to the 25-year-old ending her marriage to Matteo Millericelebrated in Ibiza in 2020.

Division between Ceretti and the partnership was to take place in May, shortly after the first meeting between Vittoria and Leonardo DiCaprio, who met at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Incredible passion between a 25 year old guy Vittoria Ceretti and the 48-year-old actor allegedly forced the model to make a drastic choice between Matteo and Leo. The rest is history.

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