Leo Campana and his relationship with Lionel Messi at Inter Miami

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Leo Campana continues to impress at Inter Miami, The arrival of Lionel Messi helped a lot, and under his leadership they won their first League Cup title. Campana recounts what it’s like to share daily life with Argentinians.

“I only recently found out about his joining the team in Los Angeles. We got on the bus and went to the stadium. Leo was drinking and I asked him if he could give me some. We started drinking it and I looked at the first mate and saw the kids’ names on it and it was like it all came crashing down on me.I believe we are all the same here Some people still haven’t absorbed it. Yes, it takes a little time to digest what we’ve been through,” Campana admitted.

The Ecuador forward spoke privately about what it’s like to be a world champion: “He talks to you, He expresses Himself in terms of the smallest and the largest. He doesn’t believe he’s better than anyone else, no matter how much he can do. “He puts you at ease, he advises you on the pitch, before games, in his speeches, the look on his face that you see in every game, even though he has won everything.”

Campana also recounted his feelings about Leo traveling with the national team: “His absence was felt in practice. When you wake up, you’re excited to train with the best players in the world.. But we also have Jordi (Jordi Alba) and Bussi (Sergio Busquets). “

“During this time, he wrote to us in the group (WhatsApp) and he congratulated us. You realize who he is and how humble he is. No matter how old he is, he looks after us and is the first to send us messages to wish us good luck and that motivates you,” said the striker.

I’m usually the first one to arrive and I go into the locker room with my head down and look up and see him sitting next to me. I greeted him and he greeted me, and his calmness and humility made you feel at peace. I didn’t digest it. We chatted for a while, obviously, I was a little reserved and I didn’t want to disturb him, but gradually we became one. “We talk, we laugh, we train well, we complement each other well and I enjoy every day with him,” Leo said.

“Inter can become champions”

In Major League Soccer, they have advanced to the finals of the US Open and have moved away from the bottom of the standings. Mathematically, he could earn a spot in the league’s playoffs. But what has changed?

“What has changed is that now we believe this because of one simple fact: Playing with Leo, Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets. The confidence of many players has been boosted. The fact that you play with these three great players gives you confidence, Know you will go into this field and get positive results. The level of competitiveness, the mentality they put in every training session and every game ends up rubbing off on you,” Campana said of the importance of these stars coming to the club.

More importantly, the Ecuadorian striker responded resolutely. “Inter Miami ready to compete for title, I have no doubt. “I was born to win, I don’t like losing and I can’t forget the three championships (League Cup, MLS and U.S. Open).”

On a personal level, Leonardo Campana is Inter Miami becomes second-leading scorer in history with 21 goals. He is eight goals away from equaling Argentina’s Gonzalo Higuain’s all-time record of 29 goals in 70 games: “I learned a lot from him last year. This year I learned a lot from Joseph. I learned a lot from Martinez, he gave me advice and we have a very good relationship. I wouldn’t rule out surpassing Gonzalo to be the top scorer for the rest of the year.”

And if he doesn’t, Lionel Messi himself can do it. The Argentinian has scored 11 goals in 11 games since arriving at Inter Miami and if he keeps up this pace he could overtake Campana by the end of the season.

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