Vittoria Puccini with daughter Elena Preziosi in Venice: they are the same

Red carpet at the Venice Film Festival in tandem with the “cousin” of the Cannes Film Festival is confirmed among the favorite venues mass debuts son recently renamed due to the controversy involved (and the teasing t-shirt), non-pop baby. Following the example of Kasia Smutnyak and miniature Sophie Taricone on the Croisette, #proudmoms did not manage in Laguna either. Not only Sophia Loren with son Edoardo Ponti, Isabella Ferrari and son Giovanni De Maria to capture the attention of photographers at a fashion show Giorgio Armani Prive: One Night Only also Vittoria Puccini and her daughter Elena Preziosi..

Inside the Arsenal, in the picturesque setting of Tese delle Nappe, an endless crowd of stars celebrated the inspiration of King George. From Jessica Chastain, Rare-Jean Page, Camila Mendez, Sydney Sweeney to Miriam Leone, Alessandra Mastronardi and Rocio Muñoz Morales, many VIPs are invited to Venice to admire Giorgio Armani’s Privé Haute Couture collection where there was no shortage of homage to the cinema and the Serene. A party that gave the Lido a huge dose of glamor and international media coverage.

Vittoria Puccini with her daughter in Venice in the 80s.pinterest icon

Vittoria Puccini with her daughter in Venice in the 80s.

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The exception was Vittoria Puccini, who was usually reluctant to share her personal life with the rest of the world: The Florentine actress stepped onto the red carpet of the event Armani in Venice daughter Elena, the fruit of a love that lasted from 2004 to 2010, with former partner Alessandro Preziosi. A cloud of wisteria for the 41-year-old, always unearthly and tender, a white dress with black details and cutouts on the stomach for Elena, who blew out 17 candles four months ago: mother and daughter are impeccable and inseparable.

Slender build, amber skin, sky blue eyes: lbaby is the perfect combination of mom and dad, one of the most loved ex-couples on the small screen. Not at all afraid of the flashes of photographers, Elena confidently and confidently posed on the red carpet: could a 17-year-old girl decide to follow in the footsteps of her parents in show business, or did she receive the first calls from fashionistas? There is no doubt that all credentials are available.

There is a very close relationship between mother and Vittoria said very true in 2019. “I have always had a strong maternal instinct, maybe because I come from a large family. I am very glad that Elena was born early (she was 24 years old) Ed), we grew up together and now we are two life partners. We help each other, we get closer, and I’m very proud of our relationship.” A well-established and impeccable co-parenting with former partner Alessandro Preziosi (now linked to Delfina Delettrez Fendi), first met on the set of Canale 5’s acclaimed sci-fi Eliza of Rivombrosa.

“We are raising Elena together. Alessandro is a super-real father, she has a great relationship with him, and she is a calm little girl, ”he always explained to Silvia Toffanin, Vittoria has been associated with Fabrizio Lucci since 2013. “Here, my challenge is to give my daughter the tools to grow up truly strong and free,” she said instead. Mercy last year, confirming the words entrusted Elle“compared to models of false perfection, instead of criticism, which is often counterproductive at this age, I try to offer other incentives that make her look elsewhere: cinema, art, books. Other ideals of a woman, not just aesthetics.”

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