Volleyball Concorezzo salutes one of its historic flags

Luigi Limonta died at the age of 63: he was a pillar of the red-white society.

Volleyball Concorezzo mourns the disappearance of one of his historic flags. In fact, he passed away at the age of 67. Louis Limontafor a long time a column of red and white formation.

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The volleyball Concorezzo lowers one of its historic flags. Just in those days when the red and white club puffs up its chest to cooperate with the Italian national team, which has chosen the Concorezzo gym for training, taking into account the matches played in Monza and valid for the European Championship, the sad news about the disappearance (only 67 years old) of Luigi Limonta , which has been the backbone of the team for many years.

“Luigi was one of the central historians of the Concorezzo in the 70s,” reads a condolence note released by the red and white club, accompanied by a historical photograph in a sports uniform. “The entire Concorezzo Volleyball Club, the club and its staff huddle together a huge affection for the Luigi Limonta family in connection with his untimely death.”

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Born and raised in the countryside (where he worked in the family business in the packaging sector), he shared his passion for volleyball and the mountains.

“We always went to the Dolomites,” says the son Marco – He loved “his” mountains, where he always spent his holidays. Dad was a good and selfless person. Available to everyone, he was always ready to lend a helping hand.”

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