WATCH: Late Hollywood comedian calls Michael Jordan an ‘old man’, former Bulls legend and more

Michael Jordan retired from the league after the 1993 season. He then went on to pursue a career in baseball. In 1995, he returned with a two-word statement that read: “I’m back.” The next year, Jordan played in all 82 games of the season. In one of his major feats, he was blindsided by a comedian in the locker room after a game.

Michael Jordan himself has been putting up impressive performances in every game this season on the team’s path to making history and winning the most games. As he grew older, his age was questioned in hilarious ways by this jokester.

Michael Jordan laughed after hearing this


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Toward the end of the 1996 regular season, Michael Jordan met actor and comedian Bernie Mac in a Chicago locker room. Complex posted the old video from 1996 on Twitter on October 5. It was Bernie Mac’s birthday, and if he were still alive, he would have been 66 years old.

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In 1996, Jordan was 33 years old. Bernie then asked Jordan about his age and how he felt about playing full seasons in his later years. Bernie peppered Jordan with questions in the Chicago Bulls locker room.

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he asks, “How do you feel when you stand up from your bed or rocking chair? How do you prepare yourself to go to the gym day in and day out and help us out time and time again? What do you think of that Mr. Jordan?Old Jordan

The people around him started laughing after hearing this. Jordan responded that the season wasn’t over yet, so he didn’t play the entire season. To which Bernie hilariously responded that it felt like it was all over. It was an ode to a team that went 72-10 that season and showed its dominance over the rest of the league.

All this was possible because of the return of Michael Jordan and the changes to the team.


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MJ returns after first retirement

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Jordan came back in March 1995, but Jordan and the Bulls didn’t do much in the playoffs that year. They lost in the second round to a young Shaquille O’Neal and the Orlando Magic. The next year, the team became strong again after signing Dennis Rodman. The team subsequently achieved a record of 72 wins and 10 losses.

The Bulls won three consecutive championships before Jordan retired again. A few years later, he returned to the league and played for the Washington Wizards. That was his final stretch in the NBA. He played there for two seasons before retiring for a third time in 2003.


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