“We will miss you forever.” And the story of Luca Wezil appears

At home Ferranes today, saturday 29 july, a very sad day: in fact, a small dog died Matilda who was with Claire Ferragni for 13 years now. L’influencers shared on my profile Instagram poignant dedication, and they too Fedez and many people close to the digital entrepreneur who loved his French bulldog very much. For the dog too had a sweet thought Valentina Ferragni and her ex boyfriend Luke Vezil.

Valentina and Francesca Ferragni at TheWeeknd concert, inundated with criticism: “Do you copy the credits too?”

Chiara Ferragni celebrates the birthday of the dog Matilda: “My first daughter.” Family photo… without Fedez

loss from But youwho just a few days ago celebrated his 13th birthday with Claire Ferragni, Victory AND a lionaffected all people close toinfluencers, but not only. Indeed, even his millions followers they were saddened as soon as they heard the news. There are many posts that Transparent she received, as well as messages and stories in which she was tagged. Even the younger sister Valentina Ferragni dedicated a sweet thought to the dog. L’influencers published two photographs: the first depicts But you with my little dog Pablo and in the second frame Valentine holding a french bulldog. Younger sister Transparent writes: “Hello But youyou were our special dog. We will miss you forever,” added the red heart.

Thought by Luca Vesiel

Luca Vezil and Valentina Ferragni they have been together for 9 years and have gone through many experiences together, including many family trips. It is for this reason that the Ligurian model was also very well known. But you and for her, he spent a few words dedicating a story to her, in which he wrote: “Hello, meatballs, so strong,” with a broken heart smiley.

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