The Weeknd, Milan has more people than Coachella

When we talk about The Weeknd, we are talking about sky-high numbers. Last? Attendance records were recorded at two Milan concerts (we told you about the first one, which was sold out here). According to data released by Live Nation, in fact, The Italian legs of his After Hours Til Dawn Tour drew a total of 160,000 spectators, more than at Coachella.. In fact, in 2023, the historic and most famous Indian festival in the world drew 125,000 people over three days, headlined by names of the caliber of Bad Bunny, BLACKPINK and Frank Ocean.

The Weeknd, location controversy

However, there was no shortage of criticism. In fact, during these two days, many of those present complained about a not entirely minor flaw in the show, namely the limited (if not eliminated) visibility from the stalls outside the Golden Ring., claiming that The Weeknd was a show meant for stadiums, not the flat expanse of a racetrack. It’s a pity, as it was a performance with a gigantic production and attention to the smallest details, in which the scenography was an essential element for the overall economy of the performance. Another reason to get The Weeknd back to Italy as soon as possible.

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