wear a wetsuit with cutouts at the hips

Emma Watson posed in a swimsuit for early summer 2023. In the new Prada Beauty ad campaign, she allowed herself to be immortalized in a surfer version wearing the original wetsuit model.

L’summer 2023 has now arrived and social media stars are competing to challenge each other with stylish shots but in a nautical version. There are those who focus on micro-twos, those on classic bandeau bras, and those who opt for one-pieces instead: it’s important not to be afraid to laugh between bright colors and hyper-sensual details. The last thing added to the list was Emma Watson and especially the fact that he managed to stand out from the “crowd” by going against the conventions. No maxi-cleavage or transparencies, she opted for a very opaque, but at the same time hyper-feminine wetsuit: that’s all the details of the beach look of the actress.

Emma Watson wetsuit

Emma Watson is rarely shown in public, but for the beginning of the summer of 2023, she made an exception. Once again, she was chosen as a testament to Prada Beauty and became the protagonist of the new advertising campaign of the House. On this occasion, she reincarnated as a surfer, posing against the backdrop of a dream sea with an unusual sea view. In fact, the actress was wearing a total black wetsuit, a model with long sleeves, a high collar and a zip at the neck, but very high cut and with cutouts on the sides, decorated with micro studs. Complementing all this massive necklace made of solid silver.

Emma Watson in a marine version

Emma Watson in a marine version

Emma Watson in a marine version

In other photos from the Prada Beauty campaign, Emma Watson captured herself in a boat, enjoying the rest in the company of a cute dog. Although she wore a classic all-white side-tie bikini, she preferred to cover her bra with a matching maxi sweater that was perfect for keeping out the wind during her days at the beach. Bare feet, a flat belly showing off, and a satin bandana to keep her hair pulled back: the actress rewrote the conventions of beach fashion, proving that you can be super-sensual without even showing too much.

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