5 iconic movies to watch on Prime

A “cult movie“: a film that goes beyond a simple box office success, it manages to overcome the passage of time to become part of social culture AND cultural. Below is a list of 5 cult films worth watching in the catalog. First.

5 iconic movies to watch on Prime


Masterpiece Stephen Spielberg released in theaters in 1975 terrorizing entire beaches for generations, he also won three very successful Oscar For best movieFor best soundtrack And best sound. It is considered the first big blockbuster in the history of cinema.

The plot is very simple. Cruel shark terrorizing a New England beach. To fight it there local cop And scientistswho have to contend with the mayor’s obstructionism.

In the eternal struggle between man AND nature, a film that bears the years on its shoulders very well. Thanks to the skillful direction of Spielberg, with winning decisions such as not showing the shark for an extended stretch of the film, which greatly increases suspense viewer. Sound support is fundamental John Williams become iconic.


Released in 1978director John CarpenterHalloween, despite its small budget, has been a big success. Considered the founder of the genre slasher. The movie started real saga approaches today with the reboot of the saga.

A criminal convicted of killing his sister escapes prison and returns to his hometown in search of his next victim at night. halloween belonging 1978.

halloween is a prime example that you don’t need a big budget to be successful. The film launched a career Jamie Lee Curtis becomes a horror icon. A carpenter creates tension thanks to the direction that manages to convey the atmosphere of the city oppressivealways putting the viewer on a pre-alarm, because he never knows where he might appear Myers. All this accompanied by a soundtrack performed by A carpenter himself, which makes everything more menacing.

Back to the Future

Director Robert Zemeckis With Michael J. Fox AND Christopher Lloyd, Come back in future‘released in 1985 and the first of a trilogy, he became a symbol of a generation and a cornerstone of cinema. Science fiction. receivedOscar for best sound editing.

Marty AND Doc it’s two scientists fighting one temporary caror able to bring people back years. Marty to check out the tool, catapulted in 1955, but when he wants to return, he will not be able to because of the lack of plutonium in the machine. Only Doc has the solution to help him.

Zemeckis he made a film that is always fresh and never ceases to amaze despite the passage of time. Thanks to the excellent characterization of the two main characters and the alchemy created by the two actors, Marty McFly AND Brownwho have become unforgettable characters. A movie that fits perfectly Science fiction, adventure AND comedy never exceeding, but always finding a balance.

Lord of the rings, Brotherhood of the ring

Taken from the book J. R. R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings Co. rings,director Peter Jackson went out in 2001 and its next two sequels, it became the epitome of the genre Fantasy. In the film we find a stellar cast consisting of Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee, Elijah Wood, Cate Blanchett, Orlando Bloom, Liv Tyler, Sean Astin, Sean Bean, Andy Serkis and many others.

A young hobbit and a diverse group of humans, a dwarf, an elf and two other hobbits are sent on a delicate mission led by the powerful wizard Gandalf. They must go to Mount Doom and destroy the One Ring of the evil Sauron in order to rid Middle-earth of Sauron’s presence.

Lord of the Ringsrepresents the battle between Fine AND bad for excellence. A film that, despite being released 22 years ago, special effects which have not lost in quality, and even surpass many modern films. A soundtrack epic that manages to restore a sense of grandeur to the work on which the film is based. Peter Jackson managed to adapt complex and multi-layered work like books Tolkien convincing even the most die-hard fans of Signore rings.

la la land

The youngest film of this five, but ‘la la land‘ director Damien Chazelle went out in 2016, managed to instantly become a cult and musical of this generation. Winner 6 Oscars among which best soundtrack, best director, best actress emma stone, best song, best photo AND best scenography.

A jazz musician This’aspiring actress they fall in love while pursuing their ambitions and dreams, but everything changes once they start to succeed.

The film has a peculiarity, namely that even those who usually cannot stand musicals like it, because it goes beyond a simple musical that tells dreams and dreamers. This is a toast to all those people who live to achieve their dreams and don’t give up. There soundtrack it will enter your head and never come out again.


5 cult films for a great movie night to see on First.

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