Website reveals that Tom Brady and Irina Shayk’s love story is being filmed in a movie: “As coisas esfriaram” | Celebrities

Tom Brady and Irina Shayk — Photo: Reprodução/Instagram

Things don’t seem to be going well between Tom Brady and Irina Shayk. Sources related to the former marriage will reveal that you eventually “disappeared” after being together for a while, with no drama or scandal…just romance that happened at the end. The information provided on the TMZ website also adds to the recent death of the former NFL star and model in a different city.

Starting this week, Tom is seen in Miami and Irina in New York. The distance between the cities means there is nothing impossible about becoming famous, serial, or that the two are no longer seen together, which is strong proof that both are newly single.

Tom Brady with his two children and Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen — Photo: Instagram

Between July and August, Irina visited Gisele Bündchen at her former player’s home, where they were spotted exchanging love in the former player’s car. They even traveled to Europe together and shared their fun time in London.

Now, the romance has taken an unexpected turn as Irina vacations with her daughter and ex-boyfriend Bradley Cooper. But the actor’s romance with Gigi Hadid suggests that there’s nothing more than a friendship between the two, and that they only travel to share loving moments with their daughter.

Bradley Cooper with ex-boyfriends, model Irina Shayk and model Gigi Hadid — Photo: Instagram

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