Charlize Theron: ‘But I still say I’m not determined’

The joke is true. During those years of his life, a little boy looks at his phone and stays with the dewans of the J’Adore de Dior pub. Go ahead and discover Charlize Theron, gold with a light halo, who looks at the bathtub again and then marches as Kanye West’s son “Flashing Lights” in a four-color gold sequin that croirait cousu à même le corps. The advert, directed by Romain Gavras, is followed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Jean-Jacques Annaud and Nick Knight, among Ingres’ charming pictures, starring the Oscar-winning actress of the film Monster and the heroine of the film Monster. “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Autant dire une femme lascive, certis, enivrante, certis, mais conquérante, assumée, voire amusée par son statut de Vetale. Before this new performance, a little boy exclaimed: “This is the new femme de papa!” “In a daze in the house, the Pope found himself in the sea of ​​the author of these lines, here he found the same figure as the opposite physique of Charlize Theron. Coupe.

It’s sexy, exciting, sunny, very easy to wear, everything you want.

On the phone you can hear about this anecdote, familiar to the legend of the star, who is extremely cheerful and willingly discusses her own children: “two girls who distinguished themselves in the same manner seem to be the same, more so they are as different as possible, and three different from me! » Parks Charlize Theron, no firm in South Africa, is passionate about dance, tout de marquable, so much so that she is destined to become one of Hollywood’s most respected actresses and producers. After almost an hour and a half answer, she tells a parfen love story with the J’Adore de Dior perfume, because in September a new fragrance L’Or de J’Adore, signed by Francis Kurkdjian, was released – “it’s sexy, addictive, solarium, very easy to wear, everything that Want”.

Wonderful debut

© Josh Olins for Parfums Christian Dior

The current house is familiar with its debuts as it happened yesterday. “This is the moment of the Monster’s fate, don’t talk bad about it now. ” A euphemism, such is the film by Patty Jenkins, in which Charlize Theron, my noble, embodies the prostitute created in the series, very strong and well-suited to the whole world. “Team to find the right moment, house of Dior souhaitait travailler avec moi author de ce parfum. I’m a more confident driver who likes to travel a lot, which proves that for the purposes of the scenario I have a metamorphosed physique. I am left without a voice, and then in thoughts in the village. “If you create a form of collaboration, “there is a way to come up with a film, a character: something else that I, moreover, can identify with.” The actress manages, with the assistance of some friends-realizers, to evoke a heroine à la fois sublime, divine, presque irréelle, tout en échappant au phantom “blonde”, the famous “male gaze”, invest the champion of sorority. “I don’t want this creature to reassemble me, I want the same thing, better than me, what words go with brave, creative, daring women! »

The more important you are, the more you do it, you deserve respect.

Charlize Theron knows the car cliché. As for “Monster,” here he assesses the avalanche of awards, without an Oscar for best actress, a comedic actress with “a huge gift” that hides the representative. “I’ve had a career at the moment where I struggle to find stereotypes, can’t get any more and am afraid to be happy. Patty Jenkins not only offered me the role, but she was deeply convinced that I could and would come. There is the grace of life, intelligence. “Today she has freed herself from this image of a fashion model here with hair, the actress starred in adventures: action films, dramas, comedies, in exciting roles, often with strong physical activity. A Scandale co-production that returns to the office of the Fox News president accused by its journalists of edgy sexuality. “An important film that reminds us of an important moment. This is all for all our #MeToo movement campaigns to serve all women. The more important you are, the harder you work, the more you do, you deserve to be treated with respect, not to be treated harshly, manipulated and threatened! »

Through the cage it is difficult to grasp the intuitive involvement even in a chaotic childhood and the entire character of Charlize Theron. Her mother’s legacy is inseparable. “But still I say that j’étais nei déterminée (“I was born with real drive”), but the education I received is a beaucoup joué: hard work, foncer, ne pas avoir peur peur, the same when at our bowler’s request. “And actress de S’en is funny. “I work hard to break the gens fous. Even when I am a young dancer, I want to repeat myself in front of myself, right up to the studio… I thought it was more bossaite, more maîtrisait, there is no obvious reason for this, but that is not the case. the same genre stayed with me Plaignant because I chose them to not go crazy. “Wonderful minutes, in the spirit of enchantment.” This is the power of Charlize Theron: she never dates anyone, but she speaks to the whole world. The 8-year-old child took one look at him and never saw him again.


© Josh Olins for Parfums Christian Dior

ELLE – What is your favorite movie?

Charlize Theron. – “This is a very difficult question, so you can answer everything and no matter what: “Les Dents de la mer”! When you’re an astronaut, you should be aiming for space, not passing by the sky. For me, cinema is pareil, it is what I want most in the world after my children. »

Elle – The book you suggested the most?

CT – “I love suggesting books, but my favorite is Let’s Not Go to the Dogs Tonight (not translated into French, ed.), a novel by Alexandra Fuller that tells the story of her childhood in Zimbabwe. That’s what I want to know here. » What kind of music do you want to hear in your family? « Ce Concept n’existe pas chez nous (Rires)! My choices are constantly repeated, my toppings here are décident. The essay is from the early 1990s music, but I disagreed with a lot of things about “Mama, No.” »

ELLE – An artist you would like to inspire?

CT – “Come to Paris in print for the Dior show and now you have the opportunity to visit the Faith Ringgold exhibition at the Picasso Museum. I’m a resource for engagement, I talk, I’m tenacious, I’m truly a “badass”, I have the utmost respect for you! » Director you want to tour? “I’m working on a film project with Alfonso Cuaron called Jane, which tells the story of author Philip K. Dick through the lens of his feature film, who died 6 weeks later. Terribly exciting. »

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