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“If it were up to me, I’d cancel immediately Instagrambut I can’t,” he says Ana de Armaswho grew up at Cuba and had to learn her first English roles phonetically. The reason she can’t cancel it, of course, is that she has to promote his projects and the brands she works with. “It’s difficult because you feel the pressure to share some personal aspect or something from your private life to keep people interested in you,” she says. “You have to find a balance somehow, which I find very difficult.” Selena Gomeza hugely popular figure on the Net, as well as a key part of the delightful series Only Murders in the Buildinghas taken some breaks from social media, but has recently returned to posting on Instagram and TikTok, which she finds “a little less hostile.” Jeremy Allen Whitewho in the role of chef in The Bear has introduced us to new nuances of hunger, may have found the healthiest way to filter out the noise: “My mom tells me what they’re saying on Twitter, which is cool.”


Given the scrutiny they are subjected to, it is refreshing to see these actors publicly admitting that they are human with such sincerity. Pugh leads a kind of campaign against the image of impeccability. Is it a burden? “No, I love it, I love it,” she says. “When I started out, my grandfather was always scolding me and saying, ‘Why are you showing everyone your ugly spots?’ He was really confused as to why I was showing my cellulite. My response was, “Well, I’d rather do it than them, and then I’m ashamed.” You can’t pretend with me. When I put on my makeup and a gorgeous dress, I give credit to the people who made me look this way, and I also want my fans to know that (a) I’m not always like thatand (b) I also have stress acneand I also have the hairy eyebrowsand I also have greasy hair ».

Selena Gomez has given a lot of thought to her public image since the photo of her and Butler on the set of the Wizards of Waverly Place. “I wasn’t a wild child at all, but I was at Disney and I had to make sure I didn’t say ‘What the hell’ to anyone,” she says. “Now I think being the best model is about being open up and telling the ugly and complicated parts.” Talk openly about her anxietyof her depression and of his bipolar disorder it had a dramatic and liberating effect, which he also noticed when meeting fans on the street: «I wasn’t just a prop for people. You are so cute, let’s take a picture! It was more than that. It was a conversation about mental health or about courage or disappointment or pain or loss. And I started thinking, ‘Okay, this is paying off.'”

Emma Corrinthe English actress who gave us such a raw and human performance in The Crown, My Policeman And Lady Chatterley’s lovershared his experience of interpreter non-binary. “No matter who we are or what our job is, we have a self that we present and how we feel inside,” they say. «Each of us has a path of combining these aspects to feel that we are living as ourselves. In the past this has been so limited. So, it’s a great joy for me to talk about it and share this part of me, because I hope it helps others too.”

The bottom line is that fiction is best left to movies and TV, where they are fully engaged. “That’s where I draw the endorphins and it I get high: being around great actors, working with directors, digging deep into characters where you feel really vulnerable,” says the British actor Aaron Taylor Johnson. “It’s a therapeutic feeling.” He remembers loving the movies of Brad Pitt when he was growing up: «I was a huge fan of Brad when I was a kid. I loved the presence of him on screen. He really was the master of cool.” Last year he appeared in Bullet train with Pitt. Now, like Page, he’s rumored to be in the running to inherit the tuxedo from James Bond from Daniel Craig. So all in all, there’s nothing to complain about.

As her star grew, South Korean actress Hoyeon had one small request: some free time to catch up and filter through everything that had happened since Squid Game had become a phenomenon. After the emmys from last year she found herself overwhelmed: «These complex emotions were coming from everywhere. I thought I could take a break, but I was working, working, working.” If it’s any consolation, like all the stars here, we’ll be in front of our screens, ready to watch, watch, watch.

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