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Pablo Siguenza Ramirez

In Ishimulu, a collective chronicle of the people’s struggle is being built. Over the coming months and years, these days of resistance, organizing, community pots, street sit-ins, marches and roadblocks will be recounted again and again by people in today’s cities and towns in struggle. People will remember the days gone by as indignant and angry at the illegal actions of their rulers. The processions of indigenous authorities from Totonicapán, Solola, Chichicastenango and other towns will be remembered, commemorated a week ago in the Assembly, Congress and Public Ministry (MP); 48 state boards The strike call and the indefinite strike that started on Monday 2 October will be remembered.

Family, friends, community will start a conversation and someone will be the first to say:

“Do you remember the day Consuelo Porras resigned?”; “I tell you, I stayed on guard for three nights in a row, rested for a few hours, and returned to the intersection after a while”; “We Hundreds of plates of food were prepared in one day, and Mrs. Ixmukane’s twenty grandchildren were cooking. You see how beautiful the scene was”; “It rained every day, pouring, but we didn’t move”; “Once , we were so thirsty, it was like crossing a desert, then a bag with water arrived, how delicious we felt”; “I ended up with my sisters at the city hall due to everything and bronchitis at the entrance of Team. “Public Ministry”.

Many other people’s struggles will also be remembered, from the struggle against the Iberian invasion and the October Revolution, to social behavior during the period of internal armed conflict, and the farm workers’ strikes on the south coast in the 1980s. , we will remember the demonstrations against the free trade agreement with the United States, the fight against the Monsanto law in 2014, the protests in 2015 that led to the resignations of Otto Pérez Molina and Roxana Baldetti, The dignity of Sepur Zarco’s grandmothers brought the perpetrators to justice. As we will see, the current struggle is part of a chronological context of our people’s unremitting search for the continuation of life and the dignity of existence.

It is the day of sunshine and rain, of fatigue and hope, of strength and community, of women fighting for the morning and the future, of boys and girls building their present, of brothers and sisters looking into each other’s eyes , days of excited conversation. Despite the drought and heavy rains, the fields produced a good harvest. The days are coming when flowers of the dead will be seen in gardens and mountains, and the days when kites and offerings in cemeteries will bring us conversations with our deceased grandparents. We will tell you how October lights up again, just like before, just like when they brought us in the morning.

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