Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City: Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and highly anticipated exhibition in Milan

Asteroid city is a new long-awaited film by Wes Anderson, released in Italy on September 28. We bring it to you through never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage and a preview of the Milan exhibition.

Beginning in the 1950s in America, a number of factors created a world with a different stylistic and cultural point of view that filmmakers and other storytellers still rely heavily on today. The American economy and optimism developed after the end of World War II in 1945. With a strong focus on the future, mid-century modern architecture and furniture design were born, and attention turned to space. The Soviet Union launched the first satellite in history Satellite, in 1957 and 1969, the United States sent a man to the moon.

Tom Hanks as Stanley Zack, Hope Davis as Sandy Borden, Tony Revolori as Adjutant and Liev Schreiber as JJ Kellogg in the film Asteroid city.

Photo: Courtesy of Pop. 87 poses/trick functions

This feeling of enthusiasm is perfectly represented in Wes Anderson’s new film. Asteroid city. Two years later French control room, a new film that combines science fiction with the spirit of Broadway, incorporating the hallmarks that cemented the American director’s international fame. The film opens in a tiny, colorful desert town with just a diner (Deanna Dunagan as a waitress), a gas station (Matt Dillon as a mechanic), a motel (Steve Carell as the manager) and a giant crater left by arid volcanoes. Plains meteorite September 27, 3007 BC. e.

It’s 1955 and five teenage stargazers arrived with their parents. (including Jason Schwartzman, Scarlett Johansson, Liev Schreiber, Hope Davis and Stephen Park) for a weekend where we celebrate Asteroid Day and pay tribute to the budding scientists behind an invention of their own. Something about this city – with its red rocks and turquoise sky – seems strange, and, as it turns out, not just because it was set in a Wes Anderson film. Later in the film it is shown that Asteroid city it is actually a play (directed by Adrien Brody) that is the subject of a television show (hosted by Bryan Cranston).

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