What are Kylie Jenner’s favorite hotels? And how much do they cost?

What are and how much do Kylie Jenner’s favorite hotels cost when she travels around the world? Here’s the list!

As we know, Kylie Jenner he is always around the world thanks to business or pleasure trips. Through her social channels, the very famous influencer always updates us on her movements and with her shots we can immerse ourselves with her in dream locations. They are obviously one of the key places for her the hotels where you stay often and there are some specific ones that he returns to frequently. So here are his favourites how much does it cost stay there for one night!

We have often seen Kylie Jenner in our country, but where does she stay when she arrives in Southern Italy? The influencer is staying at Le Sirenuse Hotel which is one of the most exclusive tourist accommodations on the entire coast and is located more precisely in Positano. But how much does it cost to sleep in one of its special rooms for one night? From 3000 euros upwards!

As for France, however, we know that she and Travis Scott were seen together at theHotel du Cap Eden Rocin the south of the country. In this case, staying in one of these rooms costs around 1200 euros. While when the influencer is in Paris, he always stays at Ritz Hotelwhose rooms cost no less than 1900 euros.

And the United States? In Utah, for example, Kylie Jenner was spotted at theHotel Amangiri where a room costs come on $4,200 upward! The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, on the other hand, it is the place where his family often spends his time when they are there and a room for one night costs about 2000 dollars! In short, the businesswoman spares no expense for her comfort and above all for her privacy.

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