What are the 5 soundtracks nominated for the Oscars 2023

When we think of the most important aspect of a film, our thoughts turn to direction, composition and screenplay. But what would movies be without good ones soundtracks? The right musical accompaniment can greatly influence the success of a film. Precisely for this reason, soundtracks are a fundamental aspect in the cinematographic field.

This year’s Night of the Oscars, after the great stir created by the last edition, is accompanied by great expectations. This 53rd edition will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, already host of two previous editions. Among the nominated films there are a great many masterpieces, but what would they have been without theirs soundtracks? Here are those candidates for Oscars 2023.

The spirits of the island

“The spirits of the island” is a dark comedy full of irony. To enhance the film an exceptional cast and a strong screenplay. Five years after his last film, Martin McDonagh returns to tell the story between two friends, or rather, former friends. The protagonists are Colmwho abruptly decides to end the friendship and Pádraic who instead will try in every way to mend it.

The film in question received eight nominations for the Academy Awards of this year. A surprising and unexpected result. Among the nominations that of best film and best soundtrack. The Oscar-nominated composer is Carter Burwell. The artist had already worked on successful works by the director McDonagh (In Bruges, 7 psychopaths, Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri) and those gods Coen brothers.

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Babylon is a drama genre film with an exceptional cast in which the names of Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie stand out. Director Damien Chazelle he said, in an interview, that it took him 15 years to write the screenplays before shooting the film. In recent years he has dedicated himself to doing a great deal of research on how the film industry has evolved over time.

The film received three Academy Award nominations including Best Original Score. The latter was created by the American composer Justin Hurwitzalready known for working on soundtracks for films such as La La Land And First Man – the first man.

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Nothing new on the western front

We are in Germany 1917. The story follows the traumatic experience and heartache of a young German soldier, Paul Baumer, who enlists to go and fight in the First World War. Initially excited by his departure, the young man will collide with the harsh reality of war by discovering his true appearance.

The film directed by Edward Berger is a Netflix Original and has achieved great success. To everyone’s surprise, he got nine Oscar nominations this year. Including Best Film and Best International Film. The film’s soundtrack was composed by Volker Bertelmannknown in art by the name of Hauschka.

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The Fabelmans

The latest masterpiece with which Steven Spielberg has put his name on a huge career. A work in which the director has decided to get naked and in which he has enclosed all of himself and his love for cinema. As stated by the director, the film is a dedicates to his family. Among the many nominations are that of best director, best film and best soundtrack.

The composer of the soundtrack is John Williams, a figure who over time has become one of the most important composers in the cinematic universe from the 1970s to today. During his career he has created works for Star Wars, Jaws and Indiana Jones. This is his 53rd Oscar nomination.

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Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere all at Once is definitely one of the most successful films this year. Among the many records was that of having broken the takings of Return of the King. The film was written and directed by Daniel Kwan And Daniel Scheinertknown under the pseudonym of Daniels. The cast of the film sees, among the most important, Michelle Yeoh as protagonist, James Hong And Stephanie Hsu.

The work was a real revelation and earned eleven Oscar nominations including that of best film and best director. Among the many nominations, however, there is also that of best soundtrack. The latter was composed by Son Lux, a group that makes post-rock, electronic and experimental music.

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