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There is great concern following the news that Carlos Jiménez was rushed to the Exemplary Cardiology Institute in Córdoba and rehospitalized.

According to various sources, Ramona may have had a stroke at first, although judging by her family circumstances, they deny this version and keep it completely secret.

Mona Jimenez

Ramona’s health: Last hospitalized

Jimenez’s health made headlines in early August when he learned he had undergone emergency surgery for abdominal pain caused by “poor body movement,” Jimenez’s son Cali said in an official statement.

On that occasion, he underwent surgery, had to have his spleen removed, and was hospitalized for several days afterwards.

Mona Jimenez

“There are parents with kids today. Because that boy wants to meet me and watch me sing. I don’t know if it’ll go on next year, I don’t know if I’ll be alive because no one has life insurance. You open the door, a truck will drive past you,” Ramona said last year, celebrating her 71st birthday after spending several years in prison because of the pandemic.

During the epidemic, Ramona Jiménez (La Mona Jiménez) celebrated her 70th birthday on her balcony (data map)
During the epidemic, Ramona Jiménez (La Mona Jiménez) celebrated her 70th birthday on her balcony (data map)

“Had a bit of a hemorrhoid problem”

In October 2019, the artist had to undergo surgery and was secretly hospitalized for several days.

“I’ve been having hemorrhoids for about 15 days, so I went to the doctor,” Ramona explained at the time, commenting that she had a “really bad” time at the prom that weekend.

He later said he went to the doctor again because of “severe pain” and was given two options: two months of treatment or surgery, the path he immediately chose. “My kids and no one else knew,” he clarified.

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Most severe bilateral pneumonia

At the end of August 2018, nearly five years ago, Jimenez experienced his most complicated health situation, when he spent several days in the intensive care unit with pictures of bilateral pneumonia.

At the time, Ramona was admitted to the exemplary cardiology institute where she is now with severe chest pains, respiratory problems and a fever.

Despite initial speculation that he would only be hospitalized for a few days, he ended up in treatment for more than a week before returning to the stage with a spectacular dance at Folja in mid-October.

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