Shakira told when she found out about Pique’s betrayal

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I found out in the press that I was cheated on while my father was in intensive care“. In an interview given people in experienceToNo, Shakira spoke about the dramatic moments experienced in connection with the breakup with ex-partner Gerard Pique, which happened shortly before with her beloved father. William Mebarak Chadid, 91 years oldwas hospitalized due to bad fall. “He came to Barcelona to comfort me after I was saddened by the separation,” continued the Colombian pop star, who two sons, Milan9 years and Sasha, 7 years. “During the first communion of Milan, he was seriously injured in an accident. Everything happened at the same time. My house was falling apart.” The singer feared the worst:I thought it wouldn’t last that long. The person I loved the most in my life is my father, he left when i needed him the mostbut I couldn’t talk to him or get the advice I so badly needed from my best friend. Despite a difficult and slow recovery, the father resisted: “He is a wonderful person and a gentle person who surprises us with all his strength.” Indeed, “he overcame Covid once, two accidents, pneumonia and five surgeries – all at the age of 91, in less than six months. My father is the greatest example of resilience, and my mother supported him day and night.” For the artist, her parents were “a reflection of a dream that did not come true for me. But I hope that they will become for my children an example of love, patience in relationships, absolute devotion and joy in life.


In the spring, after Pique’s betrayal with her new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, 22, Shakira released a song about revenge. Music session BZRP №53 to throw excavations at the address of a former partner. Sweeter instead text Acrostic, a dedication of love to his sons Milan and Sasha, “the reason for my life. They give me indescribable strength every day and, moreover, fill my daily life with joy.” For a Colombian singer music is a fundamental tool for describing “the various phases that I went through spiritually, mentally and even physically”, which included “denial, anger, pain, acceptance, regret, hope, disappointment, hope again, excitement. There are so many emotions and feelings that sometimes seem to be mixed, that it was as if they could not coexist in me, that I was able to unravel only thanks to my songs in order to better understand myself. It would be impossible to refuse notes, because “music saved my life and gave me wings to fly. It allowed me to be myself, it saved me in the most difficult moments.



Shakira sings with her children in the touching video of the Acróstico single.

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