What happened to Tom Hardy? Has he moved away from the big screen?

Tom Hardy, born in London on September 15, 1977, has long been considered one of the best actors of his generation. Capable of playing any role with any accent, this British actor with a troubled past, who came close to death before regaining his life, has been the protagonist of many films of the highest caliber, working with the most desperate. Despite already having a very long internship, the role that allowed Tom Hardy to make himself recognizable to the mass audience, the most popular and popular (in the most positive sense of the word), was in the film. Origin. The film is directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy he plays a forger, one of Cobb’s team members tasked with helping create an implant in the mind of a victim (Cillian Murphy). Tom Hardy then continued to work with Nolan, playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and gave my face to the pilot Dunkirk. But his career is full of very famous roles: from Alfie Solomons in the masterpiece series. Peaky Blinders to the later Eddie Brock in the first two debated and questionable chapters I.
However, in recent years, Tom Hardy seems to have slowed down the pace of his work. He went from the point where it seemed like we could see him in every possible movie to the point where we were looking for information about his future. So, if you’re one of those people who’ve been asking questions on Google in hopes that it might give you some insight into what happened to Tom Hardy, this article is for you.

Capone, Venom and everyone else.

Tom Hardy Al Capone
Tom Hardy Al Capone

The first thing to say is that Tom Hardy has made some bad decisions in his career in recent years. For example, he took part in the film Capone(REVIEW), focusing on the eponymous criminal imprisoned in Alcatraz: But amid production squabbles and pandemic-related delays, the film went straight to streaming on Prime Video and was a bit quiet. Which is not surprising considering the film is actually poorly made. Wordy, boring, without the slightest rhythm and even structured, with not always convincing makeup. Capone This is definitely not a movie we would recommend. Meanwhile, the actor took part in both I which Venom: Wrath of Carnage. Two films that were torn apart by critics, and which also found their share of the public, so much so that Tom Hardy is currently busy producing and filming Venom 3, which currently does not yet have an official name. The actor’s latest projects also include the film Cyclists, Jess Nichols, where he will star alongside Austin Butler, who convinced everyone with his interpretation of Elvis in the Baz Luhrmann film of the same name. However, Havoc disappeared completely from the radar. A film that has been in post-production for many years and isInternet Movie Database will be released in 2023, although there is no specific release date yet. There has also been talk for a long time about a second season of the series. Taboo, but even then there seems to be no light on the horizon. So, to see Tom Hardy back in the cinema with any certainty, we will have to wait first for Biker Men and then for the third chapter of Venom, which now seems to be delving deeper and deeper into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Capone with Tom Hardy, trailer

Capone with Tom Hardy, trailer

Tom Hardy’s Other Career

Among the many films that made up Tom Hardy’s career are Warrior in which, alongside a cast consisting of Nick Nolte and Joel Edgerton, the British actor plays the role of Tom, an army deserter who fights in a mixed martial arts championship to win a five million dollar prize, even if it means fighting his brother. A martial arts sport that really impressed Tom Hardy, who was already into jiu-jitsu and capoeira. Now, the actor is essentially a true martial arts fighter, and on his official social profiles, he can often be seen sharing content related to this world, including his exploits on the wrestling mat.

Warrior – Italian trailer

Warrior - Italian trailer

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