What is Copaiba Oil and what are its uses?

he Copaiba oil have Many benefitsespecially for skin and respiratory system.We cover it all in detail natural products You can start using it at home.

It’s been centuries since Copaiba oil and use Medicinal purposes.This is natural products have Many benefits for healthy and committed to treatment various conditionsespecially those related to the skin and body respiratory system.

What is Copaiba Oil?

Copaiba oil is a oily substance This is obtained from copaiba treewhose scientific name is vanilla.This plant species can exceed 20 meters tall, growing in amazon basin it is in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. “Specifically, it is extracted from its center trunk make a small incision.it is quite viscous liquid Its color ranges from pale yellow to amber.Likewise, it has a strong smell and a Bitter taste”, they explained Neuroregenerative Medicine Center of Valencia.

What are the uses of Copaiba oil?

This ingredient is very rich Oleic acid Linoleic acid And in Vitamin E and, once obtained, it is used for soap making, balsam anyone essential oilsand other products. It has moisturizing properties, Anti-inflammatory (drug), painkiller and Antibacterial what do they give Many benefits.

help Moisturizes skin and treatment skin diseaseas dermatitis or acneexcept in favor of scarring and disinfect of Wound.it also helps Reduce inflammation and alleviate joint pain or muscle.On the other hand, there are benefits for various situations Respiratory diseasesas cough waves bronchitisand there are diuretic propertiespromotes the drainage of fluid and prevents kidney problems. “It can also be used to fight infections that can be spread by: sexual style,mainly genital herpes and syphilis》, expand the network of private hospital experts Tua Saud.

How to use Copaiba Oil

Copaiba oil is sold in the following forms essential oils or in capsule oral. Tisha Klemetsthe integrative health coach and essential oils expert explains in a video on her channel Youtube One way to use it is to place a a few drops under language. “You can also put it theme form in the areas you own some discomfort or add it to your cream“, he adds. In the same way, you can mix it with other essential oils, e.g. coconut or that almondin order to let you massage.In addition, it is often used as food additives. It should be noted that it should not be used by pregnant women or pregnant women. Lactation Nor for children.

Where to Buy Copaiba Oil

exist pharmacy, herbalist, Aromatherapy shop or via internet We can buy Copaiba oil. Here we show you some options so that you can start using it and take advantage of its many advantages.

Care for your skin with Pranarôm Copaiba Oil

Copaiba Oil from Pranarôm. PRANARÔM / Ribera Pharmacy

So much to deal with inflammation and scar For skin and cosmetic uses, you can use Copaiba Copaiba oil Planarone (10 ml €6.95 Ribera Pharmacy).It is recommended to mix with other oils, e.g. Lavenderof lemon eucalyptus or sweet almond.

Inkanat Copaiba Oil is great for making face creams

Inkanat Copaiba Oil. incanat

“Great for preparing Creams and Ointments“He pointed out incanat Cuban Copaiba Oil (€13/30ml).it’s about a great ally for scarring of Genuine Leatherand at the same time beneficial to disinfect and Anti-inflammatory Skin.

Effective against dermatitis: EUQEE Essential Origin’s Copaiba Oil

EUQEE Essential’s original Copaiba Oil. The Origin of EUQEE Essence

Copaiba oil The Origin of EUQEE Essential (€16.50 for 180 ml) Great for fighting dermatitisand others skin condition Like acne.You can also use their anti-inflammatory properties and use it to treat Muscle pain, United, Clicks anyone sprain.

Use Terpene Copaiba Oil to Relieve Skin and Respiratory Problems

Terpene Copaiba Oil. Terpenes/natural compounds

exist nature You have Copaiba oil Terpenes (previously €21.62, now €17.02 for 30 ml), recommended for the treatment of skin problems, e.g. eczemaanyone respiratory systemas bronchitis.It also serves Fight urethritis and joint painalso relieve discomfort Caused bruises.The store warns that it should be used for short term.

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