what is it and how to create fashionable lip makeup


  1. diamond lips I viral lip makeup at the momentwhich went viral on TikTok.
  2. diamond lips they will let you have sparkling lipshydrated and voluminous.
  3. They can be made in a few simple stepsproducts that you most likely already have in your makeup bag.
  4. All you need will be one product to lighten your lipsone flesh pencil identify them and shine for hydration and volume.
  5. The end effect may be more or less natural depending on the desired result.

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Credits: @evalarosaxo via TikTok and @beautyandmakeupsss via Instagram. Two examples of diamond lips

Beauties, it seems to me, there are no more doubts: The makeup trend of 2023 is voluminous lips., hydrate AND super luminous. After glazed lips came a new one sparkling trend for your lips. It’s one more time simple makeup, but with an incredible final wow effect. It’s made in few steps with different products (some unusual) and the result will be shiny lips like real diamonds. Do you want to know all the tricks of making them? Then get out of your post!


They sparkle like a diamond. diamond lips I am one of the last makeup trends come straight from TikTok. In particular, from the creator Eva Larosa which, in a completely unexpected way, made the video in which he first made them go viral. Password: shine. In fact, tiktoker applied it to cupid’s bow and then blended it into the center of her lips. pearl white eyelinerIt has changed the contour of the lips with a nude pencil with a stroke to make them look more voluminous, and then I finished everything with a transparent sheen. The result is quite natural, three-dimensional and voluminous.


Credits: @PrettyFrowns via Instagram, Diamond Lips helps brighten and plump lips.


Girls if you want some ultra reflective and super bright lips without the use of rhinestones, magic powders or special applications, do not worry, because I am sure that this is in your cosmetic bag you will already have everything you need for this V diamond lips.


Let’s start with the components enlightening, the real secret of this lip makeup. Your secret weapon will be there metallic or pearlescent eyeliner. You can choose the color you preferalso depending on the result you want for your undertone: silver, gold, as well as in pearl white and rose gold shades, such as eyeliner Laura Mercier.


Laura Mercier, Caviar Stick Eye Color Travel Size 1 g (various shades), price: from 16.45 to 12.33 euros with code CLIOLF on lookfantastic.it

In addition, you can use creamy metallic or shimmery eyeshadow which allows you to get the same end result.


Another perfect product for cooking shiny effect, this is, of course, a highlighter. Choose your favorite and the formula you like best: powder or stick for a super glow effect.



They don’t exist diamond lips respect each other without flesh pencil. So choose a pencil that fits well your lip color or a slightly darker shade to enhance the effect of volume. It is important to choose one creamy pencil that blends but stays on for a long time. Among my favorites that I always use, I recommend Must Have Long Lasting Lip Pencil from Lip line AllDayLovelight pink nude, delicate, romantic, but ultra-modern.

ClioMakeUp, Must Have AllDayLove Lips A long-wearing roll-on lip liner. Price: €12.50 at cliomakeupshop.com.


Finally, you will need a product that goes to moisturize lips. Here you can choose the product you prefer depending on the result you want to achieve. For additional volume effect you can choose one lips are plumper how is it from Sephora. You can choose this transparent or slightly color if you want to emphasize the color of the lips.


Alternatively, you can choose plain clear gloss or for super glossy lip oil how is it from Labellum.


Labello, Glossy Lip Oil, Price: on amazon.it

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Beauties, if you fell in love with this lip makeup, click here and go to page 2 for all the steps to make it happen.

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