What is Latte Glaze, the Crazy Hair Trend on TikTok

The most talked about fall hair trend is all about the all-out brown palette, which is why Latte Glaze is becoming increasingly popular on TikTok.

When it comes to hair trends Most of the time we tend to categorize trends into macro areas. For example, for autumn we know that brown this will be one of the most popular shades in beauty salons. Thanks also to celebrities like Hailey Bieber who anticipated the season by offering shade of cinnamon Please. But another trend that enhances and exudes brown is Latte Glaze.

Hair trend “Milk glaze”
Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

Who’s hanging out at TIK Tak You’ve probably found several video tutorials in which beauty gurus show you what the trend is of the moment. Autumn pairs beautifully with Latte Glaze, intended as a useful method for enhancing and illuminating. total brown shade choice for the season. Latte Glaze effect tends to give off more natural colorbut its name suggests inspiration greedy.

Latte Glaze, what hair is trending in fall 2023

A bit like the matte effect nails that Hailey Bieber loved last year, so much so that they started a trend skin careEven when talking about the appearance of hair, Latte Glaze tends to refer to the glaze effect precisely because it provides incredible color. shiny and bright which makes the brown color even more obvious. It is part of the gentle color trend of the season and comes to the aid of those who have not betrayed color, but who have been equally tested by the sun. Thanks to summer and exposure to UV rays, even hair color loses its shine. That’s why it’s important to take care of it regularly, even for those who regularly visit gyms and swimming pools. Latte Glaze also solves the problem of brightness. But what exactly is this technique and how does it differ from already widespread trends?

Hair trend “Milk glaze”
Credits: Instagram/@moniquemcmahoncolour – VelvetMag

If the name suggests extreme sweetness, it’s because the nuances it contains actually have a delicious aftertaste. Given this trend, we are trying to use bath light which helps to further highlight the brown color at the base, thereby lightening the curls, but with colors that act as a contrast and restore the natural effect. That’s why Latte Glaze chooses extremely soft colorscoming from milk chocolate V gianduja. What also sets this hairstyle trend apart is the goal: you want to achieve shiny hair that looks as natural as possible. So, with the goal in mind, it’s easy to see that Latte Glaze works differently than highlights and balayage.

Another reason why it is called Latte Glaze is that it is meant to resemble matte confectionery effect, just like the leather trend with a glazed effect, albeit a shiny one. Another strong aspect of this fall hair trend is… low costs. Unlike shatush, color baths and highlights, with Latte Glaze the touches are much more sporadic and less noticeable. Even regrowth in this case will be less noticeable (except for the height of the root). At this point all that remains is to ask: who cares about this? To everyone who wants it. The most popular haircuts for autumn/winter 2023 they strive primarily for one thing average length or from shoulders down, a choice that will help Latte Glaze stand out even more as it works better on long hair. An interesting trend that has already conquered TikTok and is aimed at brightness glitter effect.

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