What requirements should Spaniards know before traveling to Mexico?

If you are thinking about organizing a vacation to Mexico, or you have already purchased your tickets and you know exactly what you want to see, you must consider the documents, health and safety issues required to enter this South American country.we recently told you How to Organize Your Travel Kit And, now we provide you with the necessary requirements for traveling to Mexico.

1. A valid passport. This is one of the most important requirements for anyone who wants to travel Mexico. therefore, Make sure your passport and national identity documents are not expired And check that it is valid for the next 6 months after your trip.

2. Vaccines. The Mexican Ministry of Health does not mandate any vaccinations for travel to Mexico. indeed, Vaccinations against hepatitis A and B and typhus are recommended. Don’t forget to ask your GP to let you know.

3. Medical insurance. Mexico does not require tourists to purchase medical insurance, but it is recommended have extensive health insurance, Due to the presence of a large number of private hospitals in the country.

4. Visa. You can stay for 180 days If you are traveling as a tourist, you do not need a visa. In addition to buying air tickets, if you want to work or study, you need to apply for a visa in advance.

5. Displacement. If you want to use public transport or trains, you should know that the current There are only 3 lines in the whole country. However, buses are frequent and usually cheaper than other buses.

6. Security. Precautions are recommended to ensure personal safety. Like any trip, It is recommended to register with the Spanish embassy Destination country to register.

7. How to pay in Mexico. The currency in Mexico is the Mexican peso, so it is recommended Change the euro once settled in the country. Exchanges offer better exchange rates than banks.

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