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Elementals you still feel it. You feel it when you leave the room during the end credits, you notice it when every drop of water reminds us of it. Wade and its purity, free from any impurity, when a bonsai victim of a very poor green finger seems to take on the features of Mr. Fern, and even when for dinner the stove is very much like a blue flame, which Amber and his family is carefully guarded. Elementals it’s a creative story seasoned with sauce pixar, a world in which all its inhabitants are physically composed of one of the four elements: fire, water, earth, air. There is an unspoken rule: elements cannot be mixed. There domestic partnership among its inhabitants, he is not one of the most ordinary, what immediately catches the eye is harmony that reigns between water, earth and air, complementary elements, and the complete isolation of him who is fire.

Amber Lumen is a girl living in Fire City, a small town made up of only fire dwellers, the daughter of Bernie AND Ashemigrated from Tierra del Fuego in search of happiness. Her life seems to have a certain destiny, in fact she grows up with her father’s ambition to make her the owner and sole manager of Il Focolare. His father’s dreams and the already written history of his future begin to falter when, more than by chance, he meets Wade, a water boy. It is no secret that water and fire do not get along, on the contrary, thanks to a fairly solid scientific base, they can be defined as absolutely incompatible.

Before the movie Disney science leaves the time it never finds, guaranteeing the necessary space for a story full of meaning, capable of reaching out to anyone who gives it the opportunity to do so. Amber and Wade will be able to go beyond prejudice and fear of hurting each other by providing us with the most genuine feelings. love stories.

From a purely technical point of view Elementals pure style exercise for pixar, colors, settings and richness of detail will make you forget how fictional it is very soon. The story is so successful because it knows how to adapt to every personal experience, it’s very easy to identify with one of the characters who manage to have a viewing experience that isn’t obvious at all. Despite any degree of emotionality, the film is able to scratch even the most stony hearts, removing possible apathy, the development of the scenes is a continuous climax to the peak of sensitivity, reached when the two lovers overcome all difficulties, leaving us at the end for a poignant moment, and sweetness in its full vision. Italian version enriched i will always be there From Mr Raina good choice both in tone and melody, perfectly matching the film’s tenor. Elementals this is a well-aimed blow to the prejudices of the cartoon, it teaches us to love, it survives in the eyes of all ages.

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