What will happen to your body if you eat a kiwi every day?

this fruits and vegetables They are the key to a healthy, balanced diet. Best of all, there are vegetables for every taste.However, they each have their own characteristics and can be provide us with one or more benefits.

Refreshing, energizing, and low in calories, one of nutritionists’ favorite fruits is kiwi fruit.unusually rich Vitamins C, E and Kits consumption gives us Fiber, Potassium, and Other Phytochemicalsaccording to research, it provides not only nutritional benefits but also health Nutritional and Health Benefits of Consuming Kiwi Fruit Conducted by researchers from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Complutense University of Madrid.

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Health Benefits of Kiwi

Regular consumption of kiwi fruit “has beneficial effects on the body,” according to the Comptons study Immune Function and Antioxidant Defense; in function gastrointestinal tractimprove protein digestion and constipation; and in Upper respiratory tract, helps prevent infection and improves symptoms.In addition, it can have a positive impact on our mood. In this way, daily kiwi consumption can be an effective strategy to promote health and prevent many diseases.

In this way, the results of the study show that daily consumption of this fruit can benefit our body in many ways:

  • strengthen the immune system. The fruit helps boost defenses against viruses and colds, thanks in large part to its high vitamin C content, which is twice as high in green varieties as strawberries or oranges and more in yellow varieties Or even triple it.
  • it is an antioxidant. In addition to vitamin C, it also contains high concentrations of vitamin E, lutein, zeaxanthin and phytochemicals that contribute to its antioxidant effect and protect cells from free radicals.
  • beneficial to the digestive tract. As we mentioned, kiwi is a great source of fiber, which makes it great for curbing constipation and improving digestion and bowel transit.
  • Reduce Respiratory Problems. Because it boosts the immune system, it also reduces the risk of respiratory infections.
  • improve mood. Consumption of this fruit can also improve mood and reduce the risk of mental illnesses such as depression, mainly due to its high energy intake.

All in all, eating a kiwi every day is very beneficial to our health. Of course, it is not recommended for people who take anticoagulant drugs or have problems such as ulcers or gastritis.

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