release of “Autumn Variations” in a nice teaser

Ed Sheeran seems to have finally revealed the release date for the film. Autumn variations. In recent weeks, the singer has launched a teaser campaign under the slogan “Autumn is coming”, ironically referring to his appearance in the famous “Game of Thrones”. For example, last week we saw the star working at the LEGO store in Minneapolis and showing off a minifigure wearing a fall-themed t-shirt.

singer Eyes closed made his fans a hard time! The information came in the form of a fake 90-second commercial from the Gingerbread Man Shopping Channel, released on Wednesday, August 16th. In this commercial, Ed plays a somewhat kitschy salesman whose slogan is “If you like it a little wetter, check out my cart!”.

Ed Sheeran and details about the “Autumn Variations”

Sheeran, speaking quickly, extols the wonders of autumn when leaves fall and it often rains wet. That’s why he’s promising a “new product” that will help you—yes, you! – to give “the sadness of autumn to those you love the most.” So, the singer seems technically interested in selling a box full of miscellaneous items, including apples, wet and dirty clothes, mashed potatoes, a warm pint of beer, a rake and a scarf.

The conclusion leads to what appears to be the title of the album, Autumn variations, with a phone number (917-909-4498). Calling this number will let you know that all baskets are currently out of stock, but the store will be back in stock on August 24th. At the time of publication, a spokesperson for Sheeran had not responded to a request for more information about the project.

Ed Sheeran interview and first album revelations

Ahead of the commercial’s release, Ed Sheeran shared more details about Autumn variations in an interview with Andy Cohen for his SiriusXM Deep & Shallow podcast. When Cohen asked if “Autumn Is Coming” was a reference to new music coming out in October, Sheeran replied, “Not October. No, but new music is coming.”

The singer added, “It’s an album about autumn and… I don’t have high expectations. Basically, that was the album that I was trying to make, and it came out so naturally. I basically finished it last year, and yes, it’s ready to go, so I’m going to post it.”

The interview was taken prior to an exclusive Monday show for SiriusXM subscribers and a group of special guests at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, NY. Also in attendance were Howard and Beth Stern, Billy Joel, Jon Bon Jovi, John Meyer, Brooke Shields, Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cohen, James Corden, Michael J. Fox, Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld and others.

Sheeran released his latest math-themed album. Subtractin May of this year.

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