Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Andy Muschietti and James Gunn may have cast John Krasinski in The Brave and the Bold, according to a new rumor.

At the end of January, James Gunn officially announced Brave and boldfilm that introduces Batman/Bruce Wayne canon of the DC Universe (who will not be played by Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck or Michael Keaton) and his son Damian Wayne/Robin.

No release date yet, but most recently Andy Muschietti (The Flash) signed on to direct the film. After numerous rumors about the possible return of actors from the past, the DC Studios CEO himself revealed that hire a new actor to play the Dark Knightwho hasn’t chosen yet!

According to rumors leaked online tonight and launched by a Batman on Film account (which has proven to be very reliable when it comes to The Dark Knight movie news), John Krasinski he may have been cast in one of several roles in the film, although it is not specified if he will play the lead role or another character.

In response to these rumors James Gunn he declared:

I don’t know what you’re talking about, but we don’t have a script and we’re on strike, so no, no casting.


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