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Are you a one-meal-a-day person? We need to talk. You may not know it, but this is what happens to your body when you only eat food once throughout the day.

Eating one meal a day is not the key to achieving good results, maybe you only eat one meal during the day because “you don’t have time” or “because you need to lose weight”, however, today we are here to tell you what to eat only once a day, This is what happens to your body.

According to ABC Medical Center,<健康饮食有助于保持身体健康并预防糖尿病、心脏病、中风和癌症等非传染性疾病>>

There are two main reasons for skipping meals: you don’t have enough time or you want to “lose weight”, the latter is a very bad choice because although you will lose a little bit at first, over time you will regain previous weight and even managed to lose a lot more weight than that.

When we stop eating right, food deficiencies in our bodies begin to take their toll. If you only eat one meal a day, you will start to feel sick, such as:

  • Headache
  • irritability
  • fatigue
  • Inability to focus on daily activities

Nutrition teacher Sara Martínez López reveals that if you do not eat enough meals during the day, you may develop health problems and may even faint and develop other conditions<身体管理能量储备如果您很长一段时间没有再次接受食物>>Our body is very smart and it decides to do things on its own to keep itself functioning.

<<为此,它主要储存能量最高的营养素,例如脂肪>>As we all know, fat means a lot of excess calories, therefore, it is converted into energy and our body stores it when needed. Exhausted, needy.

<<从长远来看,这种限制性营养计划可能会产生可怕的后果,如肥胖、胃炎、贫血、表现不佳、头痛>>And it is not ruled out that more serious consequences may occur due to nutritional deficiencies.

Not eating for weight loss or any other invalid reason is the worst thing you can do, when food doesn’t get into the body insulin levels tend to drop and it will stay that way until you eat again and then it will start again rise. Way.

The Ministry of Health has made it clear that under normal circumstances, you should eat 5 times a day, namely:

  • breakfast
  • Lunch
  • a meal
  • snack
  • dinner

However, the most important meal of the day is breakfast, so skipping breakfast is not a good option. If you plan to skip a meal, make sure it’s a snack or dinner, otherwise it should always be before 8pm.

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