When will Barbie premiere on the streaming platform?

The director of the film is Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie and ryan goslingbroke records for all cinemas in the world and produced rose revolution.However, there are still many left behind want to see hereven who they want to repeat And then again.

along with full movie theater People of all ages saw the most famous live-action dolls, and the movie hit the box office $155 million in the U.S. alonewhile maintaining the highest global box office for three consecutive weeks.

The film highlights women’s experiences in the world of masculinity, as opposed to the “real world,” Barbie they live in barbie country The exact opposite of life as we know it.In any case, in this fantasy world, imposed obligations are not exempt, so when typical barbie doll (Margot Robbie) began to suffer”defect“(Halitosis, cellulite), should to the human world Seek to turn things around.

Plus, it has a can’t-miss cast: Will Ferrell As the CEO of Mattel Corporation, Simu Liu like ken, michael cera As the only Allan variable, America Ferreira and Ariana Greenbalt Like humans, etc. And a party for the cast of “Sex Education”: emma mackie like a barbie doll, Connor Swindels As one of the Mattel employees nobody cares about Nuti Gatwa Like the Ken one.

This success is well received Warner Brosso you can see the internal HBO Max streaming platform.world you can enter barbie land From your living room, join Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell, Emma McKee and more on Next September 5th.

Watch the full trailer:

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