Where are wallpapers saved on Mac? Here are the folders according to each OS, including macOS Sonoma

The secret to getting raw images is to know the system directory

Changing the macOS wallpaper is very simple: we can do it from the system settings, and even use the secondary mouse to click on the background itself to directly access its settings. We will see a gallery with all the funds that the system offers us and we will be able to choose one.

but what if we want Locate the Finder folder where macOS stores these wallpapers? Apple doesn’t reveal the “raw files” to the user, but if you thought they had to be stored in some directory, you’d be right. Let’s take a look.

Mac wallpaper original image hidden directory

If you want to know a specific folder or path The directory where macOS stores wallpapers is as follows:

/System/Library/Desktop Pictures

You can access this directory using Finder (you’ll need access to the system root), or open a terminal and type the following command:

Open /System/Library/Desktop Pictures

You will find wallpapers in this folder High resolution and HEIC format, each taking between 10 and 40 MB, depending on its complexity. There are also some very small files in the .madesktop format, which you can ignore as they are probably responsible for the proper working of the live wallpaper.

If you can’t find this folder or see it empty, you may be using an older version of macOS where wallpapers are stored in the following folders:

/Users/Library/Desktop Pictures

You can open it from the terminal by typing:

Open ~/Library/DesktopPictures

An important fact: if you want to pull wallpapers from these directories It’s better to copy them, leaving the original files in there, because if you delete them later, you might miss them in system settings. But having the original catalog helps to find these funds by original resolution, and these funds are often large enough to cover the most demanding resolutions.

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