Which vaccines should people over 60 get?

The National Institute on Aging recalls that in Mexico, vaccination is a practice that meets the high standards of approval and effectiveness in childhood and differs from that practiced in older people because of little or no information about its benefits, or because of fear Or lack of interest is usually not common.

The Mexican state health secretary detailed that recommended vaccines for people over 60 include the anti-pneumococcal and flu shots for those over 50.

pneumococcal pneumonia

It was given as a single 0.5ml intramuscular injection at the same site as the flu vaccine, but in the other arm, given again five years later, and the adverse effects of this vaccine were similar to those of the previous vaccines.

Tetanus and Diphtheria

The regimen consists of two doses, the first and second doses are separated by 4 weeks, and the route of administration is also intramuscular injection into the buttocks or forearm. Revaccination is required 10 years after the first vaccination.

seasonal flu

The dose used in the early stage and winter is 0.5 ml, and the route of use is intramuscular injection at the insertion point of the deltoid muscle (the third of the arm). The adverse reactions after vaccination are generally pain at the use site, slight inflammation and temperature rise in the area, remember state institutions .

Health authorities regularly report vaccination days in the states of the republic so that they can go to installed health centers or modules.

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