Who are Antonella Lualdi’s daughters? All about Stella and Antonella: age, personal life, work

Antonella Lualdi’s daughters are called Stella and Antonella, born according to the story of the actress who passed away today and her colleague Franco Interlenghi. who was his life partner for a long time. Both women also decided to become actresses, repeating the path previously taken by their parents. Between them, much more is known about Antonella than about her sister.

The two women chose to remain on the sidelines of the media, not talking about themselves and continuing to work with individuals trying to force themselves not to be “daughters of…”. Of course, with two titans like their parents, it was not easy to attract attention, but despite this there was a great desire to achieve good levels and both reached interesting heights.

Antonella Lualdi’s daughters, who are they? Stella and Antonella

Stella and Antonella Interlenghi are the daughters of Antonella Lualdi and Franco Interlenghi. Antonella was born on August 6, 1961 and began acting at a very young age. In the eighties, he starred in some of Carlo Vanzin’s films, such as Christmas Vacation and American Holiday. In the early 2000s, she returned to acting after a break, and we remember her primarily for her roles on the small screen in such series as Incantesimo, Valeria Medico Legale and Un posto al sole.

However, we know little about Stella; we even know the year of birth, 1967, but not the date or month. Among the films in which he starred we find the documentary Top Crack. However, little is known about her on the Internet. However, we also know about Antonella that in the seventies she married Giovanni Sanjuste di Teulada, a Roman baron who died in 2014 in a car accident. At just 37 years old, the woman became a grandmother. She has two daughters named Virginia and Beatrice, and she said that she got married at just fifteen years old.

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