“I played with Taiwan and scored 85 points.”

Some people love each other very much. Dwight Howard Too much. Even for many people, there is a somewhat distorted view of themselves.

After spending a summer, I say this is better than Nikola Jokicif he is blocked in 2020, if the other party, Taiwan Taoyan Leopard Center issued a serious warning to the United States: Or they are also planning to call him to participate in the Olympics LeBron James Bringing the stars together again, otherwise they would be tied with Taiwan with 85 points.

“I like what I see. But don’t count your kids out… If you count me out, I’ll play Taiwan and I’ll score 85 points,” Howard posted his own on his Instagram A montage of photos, including one of himself on a potential Team USA team next summer, and LeBron, Curry, Durant and Tatum Among other things.

pivot 37 years old, After spending his first year in Taiwan, he was not claimed by any NBA team, and on Sunday he had already begun his call-up campaign, being called up again by the US team, mocking the loss of the US team. Canada In the bronze medal game:

“I will have to temporarily stop recruiting (NBA stars) for Taiwan because the United States needs it next summer some notes. Recruiting (U.S. Team players) was left to me again! Redemption Squad Part 2! No one beats us or says we are too old. Me, Melo (Carmelo Anthony) and Wade still have something in the tank. “Although the last two have retired, such information was posted internally.

Howard was already a member of the 2008 Beijing Olympics team LeBron, Kobe, Anthony anyone paul In revenge for the “failure” of bronze medals in the 2004 Olympics and 2006 World Cup, they defeated Spain in the finals, despite the fact that the then-Magic center still completed a classic dunk in the game. Rudy Fernandez. However, it seems almost utopian that Team USA sees him as a vital player for Team USA in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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