Who is Adrian Estrada?Comedian of El Pasito Perrón fame dies of severe depression

WhatWho is Adrian Estrada??comedian known for his comedies small step perun died surprisingly after deep depression.

The social network was shocked to learn that comedian Adrian Estrada has taken his own life after suffering from severe depression.

Adrián Estrada, whose age is unknown, is popular thanks to the different videos he shares on social networks.

However, Adrián Estrada is remembered for “El Pasito Perrón”, which brought him great fame and a huge increase in his following on social networks.

Through his social networks, Adrienne Estrada not only shares his funny videos, but also brags about his chance to meet great celebrities.

Who is Adrian Estrada?Comedy helped him deal with depression

Adrian Estrada He is of Mexican descent and lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. Despite his love of Mexican food, the comedian revealed his favorite food is lasagna.

Adrián Estrada showed a passion for comedy from an early age, being known as the “class clown” because of the constant pranks he played on classmates and teachers at school.

Few people know that Adrián Estrada is an ophthalmologist, but life has taken him a different path.

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Adrián Estrada sold knives and later worked at Simogo, but one day it occurred to him to record his “stupid things” and share them on social networks.

Adrián Estrada admitted in an interview that he is a very quarrelsome person because he has no sense of life.

Originally developed by Adrián Estrada as electronic music DJbut I am no longer continuing this career.

Adrien Estrada first uploaded some videos on his social networks in which he imitated different situations that people go through.

However, Adrián Estrada’s popularity has grown with small step perun His video went viral on social networks.

According to Adrián Estrada, he was buying a car for his sister when he heard “El Pasito Perrón” so he asked his brother to record it because he was going to Dance.

While he was dancing, the 97.9 radio station had El Terrible, and he started dancing with him, and the video went viral.

Since then, Adrián Estrada and El Terrible have maintained a good relationship.

Despite his Mexican roots, Adrian Estrada admits he doesn’t eat chili, which is why his family always makes fun of him.

Adrián Estrada revealed that his dream is to appear in a Netflix film or to be able to work with Eugenio Derbez or Adrián Uribe, since he is a fan of their shows.

As for women, Adrian Estrada admits that he really likes interesting women.

Adrien Estrada has shared photos of different celebrities from the music industry through his social networks.

On Thursday, August 10, Adrián Estrada passed away after dealing with severe depression.

Did Adrián Estrada talk about the depression he suffered during his lifetime?

Although Adrienne Estrada amuses all his fans with his videos, he admits that not everything is going well in his life.

Five years ago, Adrián Estrada admitted that all his life he would encountered different problems.

Adrián Estrada contracted pneumonia when he was five years old, but doctors had a hard time figuring out what was wrong with him.

After recovering, Adrian Estrada’s father walked into the church and knelt at the altar to thank his son for his recovery.

Adrián Estrada admitted that when he was 13, he became so ill they had to operate on his appendix.

The comedian would have arrived quite seriously because his appendix exploded, for which he had to undergo emergency surgery.

Adrian Estrada admits he’s in trouble deep depression At that moment he didn’t want to live anymore because he didn’t believe in himself.

Adrián Estrada reveals in his video that if He even thought about taking his own lifebecause he believed that the world would be a better place without him.

However, his family, especially his brother, helped him succeed by reminding him that everything was going to be okay.

Coming out of depression, Adrián Estrada has focused on making videos, having only made one before.

For several months, videos of Adrian Estrada started trending on social networks.

Adrian Estrada promises he’s committed to making his followers laugh as he never forgets the deep depression he went through.

Last November, Adrian Estrada admitted that he had stopped uploading videos due to severe depression.

Adrián Estrada points out that his success is due to the support of his followers.

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