Who is Arturo Sancho, Manuel de la Promessa: biography, age, personal life

Arturo Sancho plays Manuelone of the most important characters Promise. The latter is actually the male protagonist of the series who falls in love with Yana despite the fact that for various reasons their love is not possible. Actor it is already very well known in Spain, while the Italian public has only recently been able to appreciate it. Here’s what you need to know about him.


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Who is Arturo Sancho, Manuel de la Promessa? Biography and age

Arturo Sancho is the actor who plays Manuel in The Promise. His role is very important, as he falls in love with Yana and it is he who repeatedly decides to go against his family because of his love for the maid. However, their impossible love is meant to keep attention throughout the series. Sancho was born in 1990 in Bilbao, Spain. therefore, in 2023 he will be 33 years old. At the age of 20, he made his debut, taking part in the twelfth edition of Big Brother home, but after a while he left home. Continuing his studies in acting, Arturo Sancho participated in the filming of short films such as Rodio or Encadenadobecoming more and more famous until the debut in the cast of “Promises”.

Private life and curiosities about Arturo Sancho

Arturo Sancho is very secretive about his personal life, but on his social networks you can find photos in the company of a girl. Nere Askun, whom he kissed until 2018. There are no other photos of them, so it can be assumed that two remained. Surely Sancho has no children. The actor has a great passion for the theater, so he participates in many works of this type.

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