who is Georgia’s partner

Emanuel Law he is one of the professors Friends 23 With Rudy Zerby, Anna Pettinelli, Lorella Cuccarini, Alessandra Celentano AND Raimondo Todaro.

Sitting at the counter Friends from the latest issue, Emanuel he is a beloved and respected dancer and choreographer, although his name became popular primarily due to his love story with singer Georgie.

In touch since 2004 (when he participated in two video clips of the artist, then participated in his tour Wind thief), Emanuel Law AND Georgie they have never liked to flaunt their love, which they talk about from time to time on their social profiles, where photographs of the couple are always greeted with great enthusiasm by fans of the dancer and singer “Come saprei”, of which the 44-year-old had on February 18, 2010 son Samuel.

Who is Emanuel Law

Emanuel Law (real name) was born in Rome on July 11, 1979 under the sign of Cancer. Emanuel Lo Iacono) from childhood demonstrated a special predisposition to the world of art. Dedicated to studying the piano and guitar, as well as writing lyrics, the 44-year-old also began to take his first steps into the world of dance, demonstrating that he had enormous talent, which in 1996 prompted him to create his debut as a dancer and assistant choreographer in some Rai and Mediaset programs.

During the same period Emanuel he has also been chosen as a dancer for the tours of some prominent international artists. like Robbie Williams, Geri Halliwell AND Ricky Martinright down to people like Luciano Pavarotti and Kanye West.

In addition to his career in the dance world, the 44-year-old also continues to pursue his passion for music, which led Lo Iacono to release the single “Woofer” (the first cut from his debut album) in 2007. More time), made together with rapper Tormento. To love for Georgie it also gives life to a partnership that leads to the workplace where the couple collaborates on notes. Upset AND Behind the Appearance 2011.

As for the world of television, in 2010 Emanuel gained experience as a choreographer. X – Factornamely in 2022 they call him Maria De Filippi step into the unprecedented shoes of a school professor Friendswhere it was confirmed for the second year in a row also in 2023.

Despite his many commitments, in 2011 the dancer also found time to make his debut as a director, creating music videos for great artists such as José Carreras, Ornella Vanoni and, of course, Giorgia.

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